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Intimate Immensity*

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by cLeave a Comment

I have always been profoundly interested in space.   Particularly,  empty spaces,  empty rooms,  empty landscapes.   What makes space place?   What energies, gone,  still linger?   What layers are there that are unseen and yet hauntingly felt?   What does it mean to be in a place that is a part of space?   How can there be worlds upon and within worlds,  in …

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On the highways, in the hedges

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Julian Gonzalez1 Comment

Travelling is infectious. I’ve always been one for travelling about, mostly around the Northeast of the USA, and anything to stoke an appreciation for the vagaries and quirks of travel. I’m particularly fond of travelogues that have a sort of historical or radical bent, to inform how other people perceive the things they see when they’re moving around, and perhaps …

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The Journey

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Vinay Menda1 Comment

When studying The Great Depression in high school history classes I learned that it was an extremely difficult time for the country. I learnt about the causes and after effects but never focused on the actual time period. When looking at the time period in economics, I learnt more specifics about the financial causes of the depression and how World …

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Going forth, Setting off

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Francesca1 Comment

With this class (and the class period) being my last in my undergraduate career, I find it very necessary and relevant to reflect over not just this past semester, but also how what I’ve learned in class applies to my everyday life. In all of my posts, I’ve noticed that I have been able to engage my coursework with greater …

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In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Kira Williams2 Comments

Because of this class, I learned a great deal about an era that I only had a surface understanding of before. I learned a new way of thinking about people and about travel. I have always been fascinated with the idea of being in a different place and learning about what is there, so reading about people who did so …

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What’s More than Class War

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Ellis1 Comment

This post is a confession of sorts. I took this course because I’ve spent a lot of my time as an undergraduate thinking about political economy and class war. I took this course because I thought I should cultivate, much like the travel habit was cultivated, a wider perspective on things. I took this course because I thought, hey, what better …

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The Undercurrents

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Monica1 Comment

I think something that really stuck with me from this course was the real and human side of the Depression. Before this class I honestly didn’t know much, just that there was one in the United States that caused many to go homeless and hungry. But the way it affected people is really way more than that, and reading these …

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My Favorite Books

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Thomas Schermerhorn2 Comments

My favorite readings in this class were A Cool Million, The American Guidebooks, Waiting for Nothing, and Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. A Cool Million was actually very funny! For some reason, I really really interpreted the book visually. I could totally see this as a Coen Brothers movie, with John Goodman playing the cooky former President. The book …

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Depression Literature, The American Dream, and My Own Travel Habit

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Greta1 Comment

I decided to take The Travel Habit because I knew I would be starting the class after a month of driving through America, and I thought a class about travel in America would be an interesting complement to that experience. I was intrigued by what the class was really about– I didn’t know anything about Depression-era literature, or about how …

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Get Out of Here

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Nancee1 Comment

The biggest thing I am taking away from this course is an even larger desire to travel. I have honestly wanted to leave New York my entire life and despite this course focusing on the Great Depression, there were still many exciting moments in the readings. My biggest desire in life has always just been to gain knowledge. Whether it …

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Travel, It’s Personal

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Richard1 Comment

One of the big takeaways from the course was the broad and personal nature of travel. The word means very different things to very different people. It could mean landing in a place you’ve never been and exploiting it, or visiting a place you are fond of and respecting all it has to over. It could also mean something in …

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In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Takeaway by Sydney2 Comments

It would seem that the innate human instinct beyond mere survival is to travel.  We have done it since man first came into being for various reasons like the pursuit of food and shelter.  Over the years, that reason evolved.  We developed new purposes behind moving around, such as better social and economic chances at a brighter future. Having taken …