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In Berlin, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Farewells by Jesse Wheaton1 Comment

I’m not leaving. It’s an odd thing watching everyone else go. Packing, planning to share cabs, rushing to fit in all the fun they can in the final days. I feel like my time in Berlin can just now begin. I’m out of the restraints of NYU’s grasp, the dorm requirements, the heavy course load. To be clear I chose …

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We Out

In Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Farewells by Kyle1 Comment

As my time here in Shanghai draws to a close, I have been doing a lot of reflection. I was so busy during my time here that the time just slipped by! My last semester abroad is almost over, and in one month I have to go back to real life. Although China is awesome, I am 100% ready to return …

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K done. K bye.

In The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Sydney, Farewells by Tyler Finley1 Comment

It is the strangest feeling to be writing goodbye right now. Of course, for the obvious reason of having lived in Sydney for almost four months. But also, because I still have a few more days here. I don’t think I’ve come to terms with parting with the people I’ve met and the places I’ve encountered, and to express sentiments …