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A comforting reception

In Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by Cyrus1 Comment

Steve works at the reception of my building so it was inevitable that our paths would eventually cross. However, our paths intertwined in the most unusual way. I could have walked past him every morning and night simply exchanging polite greetings and nods. However, despite our entirely different schedules and backgrounds, our paths entwined. Steve is a local Shanghainese. He …

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Shanghai is Strange: The comfort in the Strangest of Strangers

In Places, Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by Haley MenchelLeave a Comment

I’m rarely comforted by strangers here in Shanghai. I think that it’s important that I note this upfront. I’m always gawked at, photographed and often laughed at. I’m an obvious foreigner, the dud in the group crossing the street. I’m very self conscious here and find it sometimes frustrating to simply be so culturally and physically different. With that said, …

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Wo de Pengyou

In Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by Benjamin Engler2 Comments

My first few weeks in Shanghai, I thought it might be impossible to establish a meaningful connection with a local. My elementary Chinese certainly did not give me the confidence to foster any sort of friendship, let alone an acquaintance. Several months in, however, I have not encountered a once stranger who makes me feel welcome in this foreign place. …

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Crisis Averted

In Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by KyleLeave a Comment

Traveling is not brutality, but learning Mandarin can be. When I was registering for classes at NYU Shanghai, I knew that Chinese was mandatory. While I tend to automatically resent things that I am forced to do, I could not deny that learning the language of my host country would be extremely useful and enriching. I signed up for the …

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Purple Yams

In Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by James Gregory2 Comments

Having studied abroad the past three semesters, one of the biggest changes in my life has been how I have acquired food. Before college, I ate the usual school lunches and had either a home cooked meal, or the occasional takeout, for dinner. Even freshman year of college, I rarely prepared a meal for myself, as the required meal plan …

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The Lovely Jess

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by Evan Powell1 Comment

I had always wanted to study abroad via an exchange program of sorts. To immerse myself in the student body and culture of a university within the United Kingdom has always been a strong desire of mine. I was very eager to befriend Brits and experience British culture first-hand, after many years of being an anglophile—with a particular interest in …

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That deli guy: The chronicles of grocery shopping: The lion, the sandwich, and the wardrobe malfunction that I know you want to know about but I’m not telling

In The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Sydney, Comforts by Tyler Finley2 Comments

Food is inherently tied to the home experience. The smells, tastes, cooking, concocting of a place of comfort and familiarity. We uncover culture through food: the jolting spices of India, the gamey wilderness of Aussie meats, the aged perfectionism of French fromage. But apart from national cuisine identities, we all have a food culture unique to our individual homes. What …

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Like a Good Neighbor

In Paris, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by Annie2 Comments

Since my apartment in Paris is the first apartment I’ve ever lived in, I was a little apprehensive about the little facets of apartment building dynamics: can my neighbor downstairs hear my washing machine? Am I not supposed to use the stairs at night because of the noise? Should I put in the effort to get to know my neighbors …