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Architectural Change: The German Way

In Berlin, Books-1, The Art of Travel Fall 2014 by Lila FariaLeave a Comment

The first time I opened my copy of The German Way by Hyde Flippo, I found myself instantly criticizing the text. According to my limited knowledge of the German culture, Flippo’s interpretation held multiple inaccuracies. First off, I’ve never seen the “gray writing paper” mentioned on page 40. The paper here comes in multiple unusual sizes – “A4” is the …

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Censoring the Censors

In Books-1, Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014 by Andrew Graham2 Comments

A red stone wall encloses the decrepit, soot-covered housing blocks that have escaped demolition in Shanghai’s sparkling Pudong district. Like a snake, the wall bends and contorts to keep the boundaries of the Dongfang Jinzuo housing complex fixed. The wall is severed in three spots, forming entryways. Most mornings, I pass through one of the three reliefs in what I’ve …

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An a-Bund-dance of life

In Books-1, Places, Shanghai by CyrusLeave a Comment

John Dingle chronicles his adventure across China starting in 1909 in his book, Across China on Foot. Even though Dingle’s journey started over a century ago, his observations are surprisingly relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his point of view and his developing sense of adventure and bravery. Firstly, he denounced the influences of the West and of foreigners living in their …

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The Big, Bad, and Ugly of Modern Parisian Architecture

In Paris, Books-1, The Art of Travel Fall 2014 by Annie1 Comment

I picked up David Downie’s Paris, Paris thinking that it would be a collection of personal short stories about Paris, but much to my surprise, it turned to be a conglomerate of short histories of different aspects of Paris—everything from Coco Chanel’s reserved table at Angelina to the depths of the catacombs. What most stood out to me were his …

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Mark Twain’s View of German University Life 150 Years Ago

In Berlin, Books-1, The Art of Travel Fall 2014 by Jesse WheatonLeave a Comment

I read Mark Twain’s “A Tramp Abroad,” a comical account of his travels across Europe. Germany in 1878 was far different than today, if the book is any indication. He opens up with an interesting fact that lined up perfectly with my German classes. As I was learning the word buchstaben, (alphabet, to spell) as in “Buchstaben Sie bitte,” he mentions that the word …

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Art & Diversity 101

In Books-1, Places, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Washington DC by Sidney1 Comment

Washington D.C. is “A city of magnificent museums.” I think almost everyone knows this to be true. There are hundreds of different museums, art galleries and exhibitions in DC. I have been too few and wandered around but it wasn’t until reading ‘Washington 101: An Introduction the Nation’s Capital’ that I truly understood the amount of work that goes into …