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Joys of a Small Town

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by YouMe1 Comment

Brewton: a tiny town located in Escambia County, Alabama with a population of only five thousand people. I used to have a long list of things I dislike about the town. The lack of shopping places, diversity, entertainment, and beyond. I wanted to escape from that small town so bad during my stay there and couldn’t want to venture back …

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No Difference Down the Road

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Jim EdwardsLeave a Comment

Ho-Ho-Kus is my town. It is a New Jersey town cut into thirds by Route 17 and the Main Line railway. So is Ridgewood next to it, and Waldwick on the other side. Further Allendale, Ramsey, Mahwah, all the same. The highway is our society; lined with gas stations, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, diner, diner, diner, outdoors outfitters, interior design retailers, …

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Something to Call Your Own

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Rachel Stern1 Comment

For many, suburbia means having things to call your own: a house, a yard, a car, all the aspects of the American Dream. It seems more attractive than city living because there’s more to own. In the city, many apartments are rented, one tenant out, another one in. You’re living in rented space; it’s not the same as a house …

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Oak Park, Illinois

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Erik ArsovskiLeave a Comment

Oak Park, Illinois could be considered a suburb founded before the very concept of suburban life was created. Bordering the bustling Midwest capital of Chicago, Oak Park sits on a perfect grid and retains a small town feel despite its close proximity to the metropolitan area of downtown Chicago. The borders of my small hometown create a perfect rectangle, broken …

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Woes of a New Jersey Suburbanite

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Sara NutaLeave a Comment

Critics of the suburbs were right. The suburbs are an assault on civilization. Not only are they environmentally destructive, the suburbs also promote cultural regression. Because of the nature of the small town, people conform to one another. The suburbs are not conducive for revolutionary ideas or people, let alone mildly interesting ones.  Everyone talks the same, dresses the same, and …

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The Sixth Borough

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Shea2 Comments

I grew up in a suburb, and I think that from an early age I had a sense of that. In the simplest terms, Newburgh, NY fits the suburban bill. Its roughly sixty miles north of the city limits (and is as such part of the greater Metro area) while also providing backyards with views of the Hudson River Valley …

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City Boy

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Tony4 Comments

I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is the Brooklyn to Boston that houses famous research institutions such as Harvard and MIT. Both my parents were academic types that made sure I was surrounded by some type of culture. It wasn’t hard to do in a city like Cambridge. I went to a bilingual public school with very diverse student …

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Could You Sprawl Less Please?

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Lauren P1 Comment

Immaculate even-colored hunter green lawn hedged in by a white picket fence with an occasional dog guarding the property and 2.5 children playing in the yard. The American dream, at least the housing dream anyway. Often, discussions about the American dream conjure up the above imagery, one that clearly doesn’t fit within the context of a bustling metropolis but is …

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Hoover, Just not the Herbert

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Zac Varieur2 Comments

            X: “Where are you from?”             Me: “Just outside of Birmingham, Alabama.”             X: “Oh, wow!” What’s it like to live on a farm?”                                   Very common interaction Hoover, Alabama: Population 85,000+ as of 2013, Average Income: $75,000/year, …

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Rural Suburbia

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Dannie Giglevitch3 Comments

I’m not from a traditional suburb, exactly. I grew up in the lower Hudson Valley (specifically Blooming Grove and the surrounding towns) just 40-50 miles north of the city and inside the New York metropolitan area. When thinking of suburbia, you usually think of houses that all look the same the same distance apart and well-trimmed lawns, but it wasn’t …

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Suburbs, but not all Suburbia

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Jonathan1 Comment

The San Francisco Bay Area ranks second only to New York City as one of the least sprawling regions in the entire United States. Only the 13th densest metropolitan area of the country, Bay Area combines nine counties and is home to one of the most extensive public transportation systems, again losing only to New York City. I grew up in Fremont, the biggest suburb …

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Open House

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Olivia1 Comment

About two weeks ago I found out I’d have to move apartments by the middle of March. I was annoyed but also kind of excited. I began looking. I knew where I wanted to be. I’ve been in Bushwick for a year, but I never grew attached. It’s just loud and weird. I’ve always felt like I was on a …

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Suburbia is for the Children

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Alexandra GLeave a Comment

I grew up on a cul-de-sac. My street and the streets around me stuck to a very American theme—Wellington, Lexington, Independence, and Constitution. Us Wellington kids though, we were a riot. There weren’t many of us as our neighborhood dynamic constantly. We lived in a brand new area and people were too frequently moving in and out of the only …