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Meet and Greet

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Sara Nuta

My mom’s side of the family is notorious for being late. So when my cousin had to pick me up from the airport, naturally she was two hours late. And so, I was stuck at the waiting area with nothing to do but observe. But I wasn’t too dismayed since there is probably no better place to observe human behavior …

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Pint-Sized Garden

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Dannie Giglevitch

It’s very easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings, but there is actually a very small garden only a block or two off of Washington Square Park called Golden Swan Garden. It’s small enough that it doesn’t even show up on Google Maps. There isn’t much to it—it’s just a path with a defunct fountain in …

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Greeley Square Park

In A Sense of Place, Social life by YouMe

According to William H. Whyte, best-used public spaces are generally sociable places with comfortable sitting areas. These places also contain a great diversity of people: couples, people in groups, visitors, people meeting people, and so on. In addition, they provide inviting chairs and tables to stir a more alive and thriving atmosphere. One of my favorite public places in New …

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Antisocial Coffee

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Rachel Stern

When I was small and people would ask where I lived, when I answered, “Inwood”, I used to follow up with, “It’s uptown.” They would almost always say, “Oh, the Upper West Side?” and I’d have to explain that it was above the Upper West Side, above Harlem, and even above Washington Heights. However, as the years have passed, the …

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When a Crowd Hibernates

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Young

My idyllic New England boarding school’s campus was designed exactly how you would think it’d be. On an elevated patch of land next to the confluence of two rivers, red brick of the older buildings and glass and steel for the new structures, the campus was thoughtfully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and match expectations. There was quad surrounded by covered …

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In A Sense of Place, Social life by Olivia

Grassroots is a sort of model example of a social space, even though it is a private bar. Everyone who works there looks as if they could have been born behind the bar. The staff, the infrastructure, the prices haven’t changed in almost four years. The people and furniture are just getting more physically decrepit. The sounds, smells, feel are …

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Snow Sledding in Central Park

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Mao

When Jonas 2016 came in town earlier this year, New York turned into a winter wonderland that was children’s, and also adults’, unique playground. Central Park especially,lay under a cover of 26.6 inches of snow after a night’s blizzard and became an excellent spot to sled. On my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was distracted by an …

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Re-envisioning Washington Mews

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Jonathan

Washington Mews is a small, gated street just north of Washington Square between University Place and 5th Avenue. According to Wikipedia, it was once part of a Lenape trail that connected the East and Hudson rivers. It certainly does not any longer, as buildings now bookend the only privately-owned street in downtown New York City. Two sets of wrought iron gates, …

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Roc City Classic

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Erik Arsovski

I have nothing but fond memories of Madison Square Park. The park offers much more than the disgruntled citizens who inhabit the surrounding area will award. If positioned just right, one can soak an iconic view of Manhattan Architecture from the middle of a path. The enduring Empire State Building rises amidst bare, crooked branches of winter, but turn 180 …

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Each Bridge Their Own

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Shea

Cycling around New York City is some of the most thrilling transportation you can experience. Just riding from class back to your dorm can be a nail biting saga that would keep your mother up at night, but ultimately getting on two wheels provides a means to actually see the city, and I mean the entire city. No one is …

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Cooper Square, from Broken to Beautiful?

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Natassja

The triangular space wedged between 4th street and 8th street and cut diagonally by Bowery and Cooper Square is a particularly high traffic area of the East Village and it is busy most times of the day. Similar to most densely populated public space of the city, it has a diverse set of patrons; patrons which are largely brought to …

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People, Pigeons, and Squirrels, Oh My!

In A Sense of Place, Social life by ABC

In Washington Square Park, one can find people playing music, a couple on a park bench, and squirrels. Somehow Washington Square Park is different than other parks, as the squirrels stay closer to people and the pigeons in close proximity. Whereas the distance between human and animal would need to be greater perhaps in other areas, apparently New York animals …

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Living and Learning Commuity

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Zac Varieur

Living in a residential hall, clearly social life is a major aspect of what the university is trying – ever so desperately, mind you – to foster, but rarely in the less common, common spaces. With study lounges on two floors, private study room, a gym, and a plethora of rooms of students, all of whom seem to be socializing …

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Atlantic Mall

In A Sense of Place, Social life by Thomas T

Growing up, I would always see teenage drama TV shows depicting what life as a high school typically entails, but I knew characteristics of high school life in these shows would not translate well to a New York City high school. One of the tropes of American television is to depict “the mall” as the typical hangout spot, and while …