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The Place of the Pocket Park

In Experience, A Sense of Place by NatassjaLeave a Comment

By and large, pocket parks are a product of dense urban centers. This makes sense in a place where green spaces are most scarce, and experiences of nature uncharacteristic. Want of a place to sit after tirelessly walking the concrete, or hunger for some extra leafy greens, prompts the creativity and utility of the people to convert that tiny or …

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9 to 5 Life

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Dannie Giglevitch1 Comment

I have a very close relationship with public transportation. Last summer, I worked in the city but I didn’t have a place to stay here. Luckily for me, my best friend had a few empty rooms in his house in Jersey because his older brothers had all moved out, so I got to stay with him and his parents all …

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Walking Show

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Tony1 Comment

Though many perceive walking as an unrecited action, some pedestrians use footpaths as canvases for expression through the medium of performance. Take the appearingly narcissistic fashion model walking down 5th Avenue during rush hour. Her fashionable bregaglia and poised figure grasps the eyes of everyone she passes. Is this a performance, her intentional effort derived from an insecurity to be …

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Loving the Port Authority

In Experience, A Sense of Place by SheaLeave a Comment

The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) has name recognition, but for all the wrong reasons. It is not often quoted as the busiest bus terminal in the country, but rather lamented for being behind the times. All this despite its continued role in bringing commuters and tourists alike into NYC like nearby Penn Station (PS) and Grand Central Terminal (GCT) …

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On the Stage and its Actors

In Experience, A Sense of Place by YoungLeave a Comment

The Washington Square Park my parents know and the Washington Square Park I know are two drastically different places. My Korean parents see the park in tandem with my education–WSP is the idyllic (albeit, public) quad to the scattered campus of NYU. The lush green juxtaposed with the aged concrete and marble that paints every admissions brochure is all they …

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Opéra at Night

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Mao1 Comment

***Around 8 o’Clock, I had a glass of red wine at the terrace of Le Café de la Paix, in front of Paris Opéra, at the right corner of Place de l’Opéra. I intentionally picked a seat where I could face the grand entrance of Opéra, or  Palais Garnier, so I can admire it from a distance before tonight’s ballet. …

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In Between Places

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Rachel Stern2 Comments

There’s something strange that happens when you’re traveling in a car. The boundaries between where you’ve been and where you’re going become hard to define, and you’re moving through places so fast you’re not really sure if you’ve been there. The white lines on the highway are a continuous line ahead and everything looks the same out of the window. …

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No Sense of Place in t-h-i-s Place

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Lauren P2 Comments

On a bitingly cold winter morning, my family visited the Berlin Jewish Museum. Consisting of jagged windows strewn across steel walls, the building looked like a body haphazardly slashed with glass left in the place of the open wounds. The cold weather only emphasized the sharp features of the building’s infrastructure. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, known for several international architectural …

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The Friendly Yurt

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Erik Arsovski4 Comments

Waking up with the sun piercing through the military-grade plastic window screen, one immediately measures their surroundings. Sweat, bug spray, and firewood flood my nostrils as I inhale deeply, showing a first physical sign of consciousness. It is day four, and our last day camping in the Yurt. The Yurt, a semi-permanent structure, is a perfect circle 16 feet in …

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Take the J Train

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Olivia2 Comments

I went out this far once before, to get my hair cut. Usually my stop is Kosciuszko, or maybe Gates if the light is good and I feel like walking west up Broadway. The haircut was at 121st Street, in Kew Gardens, where the landscape shifted within just a block from total urbanity to actual lawns and fat colonial houses. …

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My Hideout

In Experience, A Sense of Place by YouMe2 Comments

As the phrase has been said many times in the past: “sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.” Living in a big city means rubbing elbows with people of every background and every situation. Obstacles and people make it difficult sometimes to locate a peaceful place of Zen, a calming point to remind oneself the important points of …

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Experiencing the Road on Two Wheels

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Jonathan3 Comments

Most people learn to ride a bicycle years before they learn to drive a car. Perhaps when you took your first ride, they didn’t make bikes your size—so you rode a toy tricycle instead. You may recall memories of a parent or older sibling carefully guiding you by the handlebars, even though you knew your shiny new training wheels would catch you …

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Passing Through

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Alexandra G2 Comments

After a long wait at the bus stop, I’d hop on ATAF’s bus 25, find myself quickly passing by Via Pellegrino and Piazza della Libertà, and hear the all too familiar automated voice, “La prossima fermata—Piazza San Marco.” It would be about 12:45 PM and I only had two hours and fifteen minutes to walk to All’Antico Vinaio, sit in line for about twenty …