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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Little House

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by NatassjaLeave a Comment

Born in 1867 Wright’s career developed at a time of momentous change in the field of architecture, with the Industrial Revolution. Wright welcomed and embraced the social and technological changes and became an industry leader in the modernist movement. Up until this point much of Architecture had focused on recreating, interpreting, or bettering historical styles. In fact, even with the …

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Architecture of the Theater

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by Tony4 Comments

I appreciate when the set of a production is incorporated in the entire  architecture and space of a venue. For example in the StageWorks production of Execution of Justice at The Abe Burrows Theatre. The production team took approximately three fourths of the space and recreated a San Francisco court house. From top to bottom and side to side, the …

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Vanderbilt Hall

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by YouMeLeave a Comment

The Vanderbilt Hall, one of the New York University Law School buildings, was completed in 1951 and has a neo-georgerian architectural appearance. Vanderbilt Hall is located on the south side of Washington Square Park between MacDougal and Sullivan Streets. The place gives off both modern and postmodern vibes and characteristics, which I consider a difficult concept to explain without elaborating …

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Constructing Nature

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by Rachel Stern1 Comment

In J.B. Jackson’s article “Living Outdoors with Mrs. Panther”, the idea of where humans stand in their relationship with nature is explored. Architecture plays a big role in how humans interact with their environment and the article explores the contradictions of wanting to be in nature, but also wanting to be removed from it. The idea of wilderness is one …

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The Irony of Modern Architecture

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by Sara NutaLeave a Comment

The fundamental problem with functionalist, modern architecture is that it rarely serves a function. This paradox is elucidated in Tom Wolfe’s Essay From Bauhaus to Our House, in which he criticizes the modern architectural style born out of the Bauhaus school of art. Modern architecture sought to strip buildings of any decadence, ornament, or superfluous material that may be reminiscent …

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New Paris and Old York

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by Zac Varieur2 Comments

When I think about historical preservation, my first thought is giant gothic cathedrals, and small towns hidden in Eastern Europe with cobblestone streets and people who speak a dialect of a language far different from mine. Honestly: I think of conservatism, not of world leaders, major metropolitan centers, and maybe that’s the problem. Many modern cities that are known around …

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The Castle

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by OliviaLeave a Comment

In my view, the biggest problems with Mrs. Panther’s assessment of her home in JB Jackson’s “Living Outdoors with Mrs. Panther” are (1) the inauthenticity with which she loves and wants the home; that is, the reasons for her desire and affection are not legitimate; and (2) certain practical functions of the home are totally unusable to her, making it …

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On Narrative

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by YoungLeave a Comment

Washington Square Village is the product of two distinct narratives. One is a reflection of seismic shifts in the world of architecture and urban planning, while the second is in tandem with New York University. The two slabs of grey and flat colored bricks are built in the image of Swiss-French urban planner Le Corbusier’s vision–two monolithic structures bound an …

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Modernism: Mission and/or Mayhem

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by ABC1 Comment

Different cultures and individual perspectives offer exposure to the possibilities for architecture. Increased knowledge and advancements in technology may foster innovation. As people explore form and function in making innovative designs, people face the challenge of considering different ways of living. From tiny houses to skyscrapers, people push the limits of how big or small a space people can create …

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A Diamond in Paris: Fondation LV

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by MaoLeave a Comment

The pacing. The excitement. I recall the first time when I peek at it through the park, that crystal brightness and transparency of it immediately draws my attention and makes me pace towards it. It is Louis Vuitton Foundation, designed by American architect Frank Gehry, sitting in Jardin d’Acclimatation in Bois de Boulogne, like a hidden diamond in waves of …

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Ordos City: a modernist experiment

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by Jonathan1 Comment

Since the turn of the century, China’s urban population has skyrocketed, with a population greater than that of the entire United States moving into metropolitan areas. Anticipating overwhelming amounts of pollution, overcrowding, congestion, and market imbalances, the Chinese government has responded by building up massive cities from the ground: an ultimate experiment for the modernist ideal of “starting from zero”. …

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Noria Street

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by Sam Thornton1 Comment

My house was a pretty standard two story house fit in to the slanted grid that was my neighborhood. Thinking about a home in terms of architecture isn’t always my initial though process. Looking back on my childhood home, the architecture is not the first thing to notice. Most houses in the smallish beach town I grew up in were …

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9 West 57th

In A Sense of Place, Architecture by Shea1 Comment

9 West 57th Street is formally known as the Solow Building, but the billionaire pedigree is often overlooked because of the ease with which the number nine has come to represent the structure. The large numeral is not nearly as striking as the curved facade the Solow displays towards both street entrances, but it has come to help identify the …