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It’s a Small World

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Washington DC by Daniela1 Comment

This past semester at NYUDC has been my third experience studying outside of the NYU New York campus and I find that no matter where you are, each semester moves faster than the previous one. With one semester to go before I graduate, and many trials until I get there, I wonder what lessons will become clear when I get …

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The Opposition

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Washington DC by Daniela1 Comment

My name is Izzie Ramirez, aspiring journalist although I am not sure of what, not yet. There are so many options to choose from and the prospects excite me more than lure me to just one: breaking news, food, protest, unrest. I am a first year student but I am well ahead of my peers, as I am currently a …

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Stranger To Me

In The Art of Travel, 12. Strangers, Washington DC by Daniela1 Comment

On the first day that I arrived in Washington, D.C., the Women’s March was in full swing and I cannot find in my memory a better time to meet strangers than at this event, attended by over a million women and supporters of women and human rights. In a group made up of my father, my roommate Nicole and two …

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Literary Washington, D.C.

In The Art of Travel, 10. Books (2), Washington DC by Daniela1 Comment

Reading Literary Washington, D.C. not only gave me a more artistic perspective on a city that seems so political and cold at times, but it reinforced many of the oddities of the city that I have come to notice and often discuss in these blog posts. Immediately in the foreword, Alan Cheuse writes that D.C. “serves as a capital for who have …

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Bubbles Inside Bubbles

In The Art of Travel, 8. Bubble, Washington DC by Daniela1 Comment

I do not always feel like a tourist in Washington, D.C. There are way more people that exemplify “tourist” than I, including those gaggles of middle and high school students that are beginning to stride into the city on school trips, including my brother who will be here next weekend with his school. My own reaction to tourism in D.C. …

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Travel 2.0?

In The Art of Travel, 7. Travel 2.0, Washington DC by Daniela0 Comments

I am a 21 year-old, and as such, I have a very limited experience of life without the internet, cell phones, data plans, and social media. With this in mind, I find it hard to compare Travel 2.0 to the ways in which people travelled in the past because I have never experienced it before. Travel 2.0 is my Travel …

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We The People

In The Art of Travel, 4. The Soul of a Place, Washington DC by Daniela0 Comments

When thinking about what makes a place important, there are differences to be considered for Washington. D.C., the capital of our nation, hosts the most powerful politicians, agencies, and organizations in our country and possibly in the world. This city is inherently important, but who made it this way? WE THE PEOPLE. At some point in our history, our founding fathers …

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Political Language

In The Art of Travel, 2. Languages, Washington DC by Daniela2 Comments

As I continue to orient myself in my new surroundings, language is not a barrier I encounter. English is my first language and this affords me a certain privilege that I have become aware of through travel in Europe, where in most tourist heavy cities, a lot of the people who work there can speak English either fluently or competently …

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Who Will I Be Here?

In The Art of Travel, 1. Anticipation, Washington DC by Daniela0 Comments

Hi everyone, my name is Daniela. I’m a third year student concentrating in Philosophy, Psychology, and Political Science at Gallatin. My interest in politics has brought me to Washington, DC as I strive to make some real world connections and learn about the sector I would like to be a part of one day: government. While I’m here, I hope to …