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Coming to NYU Tel Aviv?

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For those coming to NYU Tel Aviv, here are some of personal takeaways on the program here as well as some tips to prepare for life in Israel. Trips The NYU Tel Aviv faculty does an incredible job planning trips for students to sites in Tel Aviv, across Israel and even outside of Israel. Namely, each class has planned at …

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Who Is She?

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Tel Aviv by Momachi2 Comments

If I could describe her in one word, I would say: contradictory. She is bubbling with enthusiasm for new initiatives and entrepreneurial ventures, but also filled with a frustration that drives her away and towards, as necessary. Sometimes, she challenges the status quo, and asserts her perspective as she finds necessary. Other times, she takes a back seat as she …

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Travails on Day One

In The Art of Travel, 11. Travails, Tel Aviv by Momachi2 Comments

There is this sense of bad luck that comes whenever I land in a new destination. That sounds awful. Maybe I should correct – it virtually always ends up being on just the first day, before everything becomes smooth sailing. I will proceed to give three examples, and draw upon what the takeaway is from all of the experiences. Upon …

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Becoming an Innocent Abroad

In The Art of Travel, 10. Books (2), Tel Aviv by Momachi2 Comments

In Mark Twain’s book, Innocents Abroad, there are key values that stand out in the context of my time abroad in Shanghai, China and in Tel Aviv, Israel. The first of these revolves around the central concerns with a lifetime of isolation. By isolation, Twain refers to geographical seclusion in terms of living, working and studying within one community, one …

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The Implications of Graffiti in Florentin

In The Art of Travel, 9. Art & Place, Tel Aviv by Momachi4 Comments

One of the most fascinating finds in Israel would be the infinite graffiti one could find in Florentin, Tel Aviv. In this neighborhood of Israel, the garage shutters and cement walls are plastered and painted in designs covering languages like Hebrew, English, Polish, Russian and French. The graffiti is also put into place by individual artists in Israel, so it …

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The Bubble-less Bubble

In The Art of Travel, 8. Bubble, Tel Aviv by Momachi0 Comments

Across the various global campuses at NYU, there are programs which encourage students to take advantage of all that the university offers, programs which encourage students to venture into the immersive international experience, and there are programs which encourage students to do both. From the first year at NYU New York, it became a blessing in disguise to experience a …

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The Israeli Dance of Life

In The Art of Travel, 6. Book #1, Tel Aviv by Momachi2 Comments

A recurring theme in the work, My Promised Land by Ari Shavit, is the identity of Jews and the rise of Zionism in the establishment of Israel. There are several key themes to analyze when discussing the establishment of a state home to one group of people, with several minorities of immigrants from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Shavit …

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Politically Ideal for Startups

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The primary reason for my course of study in Tel Aviv is to take a step away from Media and Data Analytics, and pursue an Innovation and Entrepreneurship track in Israel. The entrepreneurial track in Israel has been one of not only courses across both NYU Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv University, but also an internship at the main entrepreneurship …

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Jerusalem: Conflict Through the Lens of Time

In The Art of Travel, 4. The Soul of a Place, Tel Aviv by Momachi0 Comments

Conventional wisdom holds that we develop our understanding of faith, spirituality and religion through our key five senses. Walking through the Old City, we notice how people of diverse backgrounds experience a deeper level of connection to the holy land through their senses, whether it be in the Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Armenian quarter. Jewish women on the gendered half …

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Across many cultures, language acts as a medium far beyond a means of verbal or written communication. It often acts as a form of expression. Other times, language takes the responsibility of representing national and international power relations. The study of one language, and its various practical implications over time could very well also be symbolic of a community and …

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Why Go Global?

In The Art of Travel, 1. Anticipation, Tel Aviv by Momachi2 Comments

So often we crave the rush that comes with venturing into the foreign unknown. We seek an inordinate way of thinking, a unique distortion of our values or perhaps a wonderfully curious interaction with a place and its many stories. We wholeheartedly immerse ourselves in the exploration of the wide depths and breadths of the many political, economic and social …