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Inspired by the Unprecedented

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Surprisingly, after several trips to the Opera House, I’ve noticed that a large portion of newcomers to Sydney’s most distinct landmark are remarkably disappointed upon arrival. Most visitors believe that the opera house is one continuous structure, and that it sits many stories up, overlooking the harbor down below.  In actuality, the Opera House is three distinct structures that sit …

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A Dark Chapter

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“To fight darkness is to fight yourself” – Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty In Rabbit-proof Fence Pilkington explores a variety of topics, but the theme that weighed on me the most was the personalization of one of the darkest chapters in Australian history: The Stolen Generation. To give a brief over of what I have learned about this topic …

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A Sad State of Affairs

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Art has always been a big part of my life. Both my parents were ballet dancers and once my athletic career slowed down I became a dancer too. It almost seemed inevitable for me to gain an appreciation for art. Although, I don’t mean appreciation in the academic sense. I really wouldn’t be able to tell you much about any …

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Our Inner Instinctive Migratory Urge

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In today’s society, the vast majority of human civilization exists in a relatively sedentary state, with neither a will nor desire to live a life constantly on the move.  In terms of material possessions, contemporary society demands that we live with and within the constant comfort and accessibility of all things which are deemed complementary and necessary.  Yet, as consumers …

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An Extremely Stubborn Bubble

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Prior to coming to Sydney, I had heard from friends who had visited some of the other Study Away sites that this ‘bubble’ existed. Students often find that the places in which they live and study in these cities through NYU somehow close them off from the true city they are visiting. This is something I kept in mind when …

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Entering Uncharted Waters

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Due to the vast network of multicultural global cities around the world today, in my opinion, finding oneself stuck within a “bubble” of familiarity has become an increasingly difficult task.  Unless you are present members of a tour group, who stick together through each activity of the day, or a person who stays within the confines of their own ethnic …

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Forging into the Unknown

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Throughout history, travel and tourism has depended on elements of word of mouth in order to accrete trust and confidence in the destination to which you are traveling.  Given the expense, commitment and planning required while traveling, individuals as consumers yearn for external sources of validation when formulating a decision. Undoubtedly, in the mind of the consumer, the worst case …

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Danger Everywhere

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Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country was an exceedingly interesting read and covered a lot of ground with a healthy dose of humour and excellent storytelling. The overarching journey that is undertaken in the book is essentially a multi-phase road trip, which covers many of the major cities along with some lesser known parts of Australia, or as he calls …

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Facing the Fences

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Considering that today is Columbus Day in America and that we’ve been discussing the topic of discrimination in my course Multicultural Counselling, the similar beginnings of Australia and the United States has definitely been on my mind. On the surface, it comes across that there is unity between the Aboriginal people of Australia and the other settled inhabitants. and equality …

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The Clock is Ticking

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Given that when flying into Australia you essentially experience a “twenty-four hour loss of existence,” can it be said that “there is a certain sense of achievement just in arriving in Australia” (Bryson)? According to Bill Bryson, a man smitten with Australia in more ways than are imaginable, and the author of In a Sunburned Country, this sense of achievement …