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The Road Less Traveled

In The Art of Travel, 10. Books (2), Shanghai by Brooke2 Comments

China Road by Rob Gifford details one man’s quest on Chinese Route 66, which is 3,000 miles east to west. Going through an umpteenth amount of cities starting with Shanghai and including, Kunshan, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Anhui, Lanzhou, Zhangye, and the Gobi Desert. Each interaction he has with people along the way is contextualized by an in depth history of …

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Fried Eggs With Chopsticks

In The Art of Travel, 10. Books (2), Shanghai by Irina1 Comment

Polly Evans’ Fried Eggs with Chopsticks is a hilariously relatable account of her trials and travels in China. Her ambitious itinerary starts in Beijing, goes through several smaller rural towns to arrive in Xi An, then continues to more cities to get to Shanghai, and many more after that to arrive in Hong Kong, her final destination. It is a …

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Flies & Fields at the Power Station of Art

In The Art of Travel, 9. Art & Place, Shanghai by Irina1 Comment

Upon entering the Power Station of Art, I was greeted by a huge swarm of insects. These insects were large sculptures, hung from museum’s high ceilings. However, upon closer inspection, I realized that they were actually half-human, half-insect. These hybridized creatures were grotesque- they had the torso and legs of a human but the head and wings of a dragonfly …

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My Girl, Guanyin

In The Art of Travel, 9. Art & Place, Shanghai by Brooke1 Comment

I am currently in a class called Religion and Society in China where, every other week, we collectively hop on a bus and go to a location that has religious significance. Our most recent trip was to the Buddhist Longhua temple. This is also the the trip that I found to be the most beautiful as every room of the …

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Just Keep Swimming

In The Art of Travel, 8. Bubble, Shanghai by Irina1 Comment

In Pixar’s Finding Nemo, all of the sea creatures live happily on the coral reef, never daring to swim into open waters. Nemo is the only one brave enough to swim up to the boat and thus wins a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Sydney, Australia. I feel that NYU Shanghai has become like the coral reef for me- a safety net …

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Biting the Bubble

In The Art of Travel, 8. Bubble, Shanghai by Rachel1 Comment

I am a big fan of making impulsive decisions in the name of expanding my comfort zone. I decided to go to school in New York because I knew it would scare me the most, but give me the most opportunities. I decided to study abroad in Prague because I got a little bit too comfortable in New York and …

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Coffee, Bon App, and Mr. Bean: One Girl’s Attempt to Have It All

In The Art of Travel, 7. Travel 2.0, Shanghai by Rachel2 Comments

“Life is a difficult challenge for Mr. Bean, who despite being a grown adult, has trouble completing even the simplest of tasks. Thankfully, his perseverance is usually rewarded, and he finds an ingenious way around the problem.” — IMDB There is a commonly used Yelp-like app in China called “Bon App,” a punny play on the French phrase bon appetit. …

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A Brutally Honest Experience of China..?

In The Art of Travel, 6. Book #1, Shanghai by Yuka NiwaLeave a Comment

In his book “Lost on Planet China..”, J. Maarten Troost depicts China from a completely Western perspective that is brutally honest as he explores the country that considered “the future”(pg.13) . Although Mr. Troost is familiar with, “flitting from island to island in the South Pacific” (pg.1) and surviving on,“the rugged hills of Vanuatu” (pg.1), nowhere could compare to or …