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An a-Bund-dance of life

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John Dingle chronicles his adventure across China starting in 1909 in his book, Across China on Foot. Even though Dingle’s journey started over a century ago, his observations are surprisingly relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his point of view and his developing sense of adventure and bravery. Firstly, he denounced the influences of the West and of foreigners living in their …

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Through the Wormhole

In Books-1, Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014 by Andrew GrahamLeave a Comment

China Travel Tip #4: “Hell is a line in China. You are so forewarned.” Equal parts comedian and novelist, consummate traveller J. Maarten Troost nails the frustrations of urban China with this remark. During my time reading Troost, I decided to simultaneously begin flipping through the NYU-provided Lonely Planet guidebook of Shanghai. For the uninitiated, the skyline of Pudong seems …

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My Days in Shanghai

In Quotidian life, Shanghai, The Art of Travel Fall 2014 by Nicolas Lopez2 Comments

At first it seemed challenging to merely adjust to all the various variables in Shanghai. New smells, speeding mopeds and various sounds invade one’s private space constantly, challenging any assumption of normality and predictability. However, lately I have discovered that if the unpredictability is expected, it is no longer unpredictable, as obvious as that sounds. This realization has afforded me …