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Until We Meet Again…

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122 Days. By the time I return home, that’s how long I can say I’ve lived in Shanghai, China. Sounds like a decent amount of time, right? Eh, sure. But I know one thing for sure… It. Flew. By. This experience has been rewarding in so many ways, I can’t even begin to mention them all. One of the most rewarding …

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Wild Swans

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Wild Swans written by Jung Chang, is a novel that tells the life stories of three generations of women. It touches on many different aspects of their lives ranging from struggles they face while living during the Cultural Revolution to issues within their family. The themes of family and male chauvinism were very prominent throughout the novel and, from what …

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Shanghai, Shang (上), Hai (海). Literally meaning on the sea. On the sea there’s much to see, Especially when you’re a foreigner like me. NYU, School, That’s what I’m here for. In class but thinking of more, Want to run out the door, To see what else Shanghai has in store. Street, In the city, So many places to go. …

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Rather than give tips for studying abroad in Shanghai, I decided to just give tips for studying abroad in general. Here are my 5 tips: 1) Go the unconventional route. Studying abroad is supposed to be an experience. Don’t decide to study away in London because you’re too lazy or too intimidated by the fact that you’ll have to learn …

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Crossing Borders, Opening Eyes

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During Spring Break, my friends and I decided to travel to Thailand. I’ve never been before, and to be honest I didn’t have much of an interest in going because I had always heard it was dangerous. After friends who had visited there had told me how pretty it was, I decided to go despite what I had heard and …

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Gone But Not Forgotten

In Art of Travel, Shanghai, Going home by Daniella2 Comments

Home time is nearing (not yet upon me) and I cant quite believe it. By the time I leave Asia it will have been 6 months and I can’t quite tell if the time has gone ridiculously slowly or incredibly fast. When first arriving, one of the most substancial reasons for my feelings of isolation was my sense of time (I’m 7/8 …

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In Art of Travel, Shanghai, Mishap by Kayla Olivas1 Comment

It’s expected that spending an entire semester in a foreign country, learning a foreign language, will bring some mishaps… I just didn’t realize how frequent they would be. Fortunately, I haven’t had a huge mishap but rather I’ve had small mishaps every so often. These mishaps weren’t anything too detrimental, but were simple things. One mishap that keeps happening to …

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“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley When I first read this quote, it immediately resonated with me. In my opinion, Shanghai is not a very frequented study away location. Most college students chose to study a semester abroad somewhere in Europe, like Paris, London, Prague, etc. When deciding to study in …

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Slowing Down After browsing through the topics in Sun Magazine, Slowing Down was the one that stood out most to me. Growing up, my dad used to constantly teach my brother and I life lessons by telling us stories from his life and experiences he had. One story in particular was from when he was 18 years old. An elderly …

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(Not) Going Home

In Art of Travel, Shanghai, Going home by Matthew G1 Comment

For most students currently studying away around the world, we are reaching the end of our time abroad and are looking towards the challenge of returning and reintegrating with our lives at home.  I, however, am not heading home anytime soon.  Thanks to the Gallatin China Fellowship and a job offer from NYUSH’s Residential Life office, I have extended my …

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Returning Home

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Featured Image: My Chinese class and teacher, who I spent every morning with 11:15-12:30 and was a major highlight of my time in Shanghai  The past 4 months have been the most intense and interesting 4 months of my life thus far. I have seen and done more in this time than in any other period of my life and …

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The High Life

In Art of Travel, Shanghai, Borders by Daniella2 Comments

China, Shanghai in particular, exists within a culture shaped by hierarchy. Familial relations are hierarchical in a way that is far more culturally substantial than in the West, as are social relations, however what is so intriguing to me is the way that I’ve found that the tiered social structure of Shanghai perfectly matches the urban construction of the city. Last night …

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Taxis, Tips and Trips

In Art of Travel, Shanghai, Tips by Daniella1 Comment

I have now been in China for 4 months, although I have lost track of time and finally feel like if not a local then most definitely an expat. In writing my tips I’ve tried not to let them fall into the trap of being too cheesy or generic however this was hard to do. I will however provide anecdotes to …

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The Chinese Mind

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For my last reading I examined ‘Farewell my Concubine’ – delving into the mystery and intrigue of the Chinese theatre. For this reading I decided to explore something slightly less sordid and slightly more pragmatic (Shanghai’s sprawling urban metropolis is in many ways a far stretch from ancient China!) ‘The Chinese Mind’ by Boye Lafayette De Mente I stumbled across …

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Balancing Act

In Art of Travel, Shanghai, Tips by Matthew G1 Comment

So you’re planning to come to Shanghai?  Congratulations!  I know you made the right choice.  When we attend a university referred to as the “global university” you have almost too many options to choose from when deciding where you will study away.  Unfortunately, I feel like NYU Shanghai is often overlooked, which is a shame since it offers unique opportunities …