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Beyond the Chestnut Trees and into the Countryside

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Beyond the Chestnut Trees by Maria Bauer is an emotional and intriguing recount of her return home, to Prague, 40 years after her forced emigration during World War II. Bauer does an excellent job of contrasting the different geographical periods of her life, whether it be prewar Prague in the 1930’s, France, Spain, Portugal, her subsequent move to America and, …

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Prague Redefined

In Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Genius loci by Matthew SeepersadLeave a Comment

When walking through Prague, there are a multitude of senses that you feel. Some of the most noticeable are the sense of new found freedom, happiness, and young energy. Twenty-five years ago, the Czech Republic was under communist control which hindered peoples’ freedom. In 1989, the Czech Republic was finally liberalized during the Velvet Revolution and spiraled into a new …

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Prague’s Genius Loci

In Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Genius loci by Eric DuanLeave a Comment

Prague is a place where cultures clash. There is the culture that stems from their deep Bohemian roots and times of communism that clashes with the rapidly modernizing and increasingly consumerist young population. Because of how many factors play a role in the atmosphere of Prague, it is difficult to say exactly what Prague’s “genius loci” is. However, there are …

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Contemporary art in Prague

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One of the more interesting things about the current art scene in Prague is it’s relative ambiguity to people, especially tourists. Prague, of course, is a well-known tourist destination for many reasons, some of which being it’s ancient castles, palaces, and cathedrals, terrifically cheap yet bustling nightlife and picturesque cobblestone walkways, squares, and streets. However, it seems to be an …

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When I first think of art, my mind immediately goes to drawing, painting, or sculpting. However, one form of art that I constantly overlook is photography. With photography, one can effectively capture and freeze in time the aesthetic value and emotions behind the subject of the photo. One artist, Jan Saudek, uses his background and his life experiences to portray …

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The Dreaded “Tourist”

In Places, Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Katherine CarranzaLeave a Comment

I think the word “tourist” comes with a negative connotation. Many people criticize tourist institutions in their own cities and avoid them. For example, New Yorkers desperately avoid Times Square, put off by the mobs of tourists at every corner and criticizing them for not truly experiencing New York City. But Times Square is only one stop tourists make in …