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When We Become The Aliens

In The Art of Travel, 3. Communicating, Paris by AndieLeave a Comment

On Saturday, Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson passed away in his apartment at age 48. The last film soundtrack he released was in 2016 for Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, a moving meditation on language, humanity, and empathy that won Jóhannson a Golden Globe and critical adoration. Villeneuve and Jóhannsson were frequent collaborators, and together they made a movie to ask if learning …

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In The Art of Travel, 3. Communicating, Paris by Zoe1 Comment

I confidently sauntered up to the counter at Miznon, a pita sandwich restaurant in Le Marais, menu in hand, and said, “Bonjour! Je voudrais un pitta avec l’agneau kebab, s’il vous plait.” (Hi! I would like a lamb pita, please). To which the man helping me replied, “Do you want any drinks with that?” In. English. It’s a common thing …

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Death On Every Corner

In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Paris by Andie2 Comments

Paris loves a good death. It stands in every metro station, swings from every street sign, and trips off the tongues of tourists attempting to say “gateau Saint Honoré.” When Kevin Lynch said “every rock tells a different story,” death stuck fast in the mortar. When Suzanne Langer said that architecture is a manifestation of the “total environment made visible,” …

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La Parisienne

In The Art of Travel, 1: Awakenings, Paris by Zoe2 Comments

Different, yes. My first week in Paris has been… different. Not bad, necessarily, but rockier than anticipated. What no one tells you (until you’re in the same situation and reach out for consolation, of course) is that making friends abroad can be hard, really hard. In new situations, people tend to stick with what or who they know, making it …

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“Au revoir”

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 15. Farewells, Paris by Howard4 Comments

“Au revoir!” This is the phrase for ‘goodbye’ in French. It literally means ‘until I see you again’. At first, I used this phrase to everyone, and they replied the same too, even when we both knew well that we are not going to see each other again. So after a while, I generally stopped using this phrase. I’d rather …

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Karma police?

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 11. Travails, Paris by Howard4 Comments

My last week’s experience well prepared me for this topic. In short, my bag was stolen. It happened so quick that I spent the last few days pondering a question: How did it happen? I spent my fall break in Luxembourg and Frankfurt. While traveling alone there, I never had any worries about personal safety. I have traveled alone to …

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In and Out

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 8. Bubble, Paris by Howard1 Comment

This is a jazz bar my friends and I always go on every Friday night. I cannot recall the name of it, but it is near Notre Dame, close to Shakespeare bookstore, a place where one can easily find on trip advisor, and there are always people taking pictures under its plague. It has the most overpriced drinks in it; …

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My ex-friend Yelp

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 7. Travel 2.0, Paris by Howard1 Comment

Besides eating at a restaurant, another important activity closely relevant is to find a restaurant. But how do I find a restaurant? The way I usually did before was to ask for recommendation. There were always people around me who have tried really good restaurants so I simply asked them. Most of the time they would tell you what they …