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My Deathbed

In The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Madrid, Travail by Susan Lee2 Comments

The following information is quite vivid and perhaps too much information. Readers’ discretion is advised. Perhaps it’s our being 20-something-years-old. Perhaps it’s just our self-confidence. I’m not quite sure what it is but for some reason, especially when we travel, we pretend we are invincible. Nothing hurts. We’re not tired. There’s no way we’re going to get lost, robbed, or …

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“Back” in Spain

In The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Madrid, Authenticity by Susan LeeLeave a Comment

Studying abroad in Europe has its pros and cons. Europe is a fascinating country that’s experiencing a very tumultuous time of economic crisis, international cooperation, and national identity, which presents a rich foundation for research. It’s also a gateway to be able to travel to every other european country, especially those within the Schengen zone. Its biggest, and arguably only, …

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Lost in Paradise

In Wayfinding, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Madrid by Susan Lee1 Comment

Although I call Spain a “foreign country”, I think “new” is a better adjective for Spain. As an American, I find that navigating most European countries is relatively easy. There is a system for the city in place that is easy to learn and many times reminiscent of United States cities—either in grid pattern or circular pattern. Not to mention …