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Hasta Luego Madrid

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Looking back by Maggie Boreham1 Comment

So this is it. The end. El fin. The closing remarks. The final hoorah you might say. I’m in the home stretch with one more essay to turn in and my last final tomorrow, my time here in Madrid is coming to a close. When I first signed up for this course I thought, “ok awesome, at least now I’ll …

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I am not a Cuttlefish

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Transformed by Maggie Boreham2 Comments

  So this semester has definitely been an interesting one. I’ve realized a lot about myself and most importantly, realized that I’m not as adaptable as I had previously believed. I love travel and always have loved experiencing new cultures and meeting new people…. Until now. I’ve realized that I’m not a cuttlefish. I know what you’re thinking, “Maggie, clearly …

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Breakfast realizations

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Transformed by Daniel McElroy1 Comment

When I left San Francisco on a flight to London exactly ten months ago—to the day—I thought I knew what to expect. I thought I was ready to shed my Americanness and become the European I had always wanted to be. I thought I would dread returning to the United States for the year and a half it’s going to …

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The Marvelous Misadventures of Maggie in Madrid

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Misadventure by Maggie Boreham2 Comments

Honestly… I’ve messed up a lot in this city: from missing a flight, to breaking my phone (twice), to getting lost alone in the city, to accidentally ordering a pile of squid instead of a side of mushrooms, to booking my train home for the wrong day, trying to speak to Germans in (horrible) Spanish, getting my phone stolen, travelling …

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The day I finally learned to say ‘Oh, well’

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Misadventure by Daniel McElroy2 Comments

Travelling has almost always gone smoothly for me. More than smoothly, in fact. I’ve been away from home for nearly 11 months now, and rarely has anything not gone as planned, or even as scheduled. That being said… everyone has some travel horror story and I certainly have mine. I won’t lie, this one time was stressful and really upsetting …

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Is chicken a vegetable?

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Open topic by Maggie Boreham1 Comment

So I need to address something. It’s been on my mind for quite some time interrupting my thoughts, and no I’m not talking about Adele’s new smash hit Hello. I’m talking about the consistent disgruntled rumblings of my stomach.  The moans and groans of my inner piping as it pleads with me to please, for the love of all things …

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A sticky (living) situation

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Open topic by Daniel McElroy2 Comments

When it came to choosing my living situation in Madrid, months before actually arriving, I gave no thought to my choice. I’m going to Spain to work on my Spanish, I thought, so obviously I’m going to choose a homestay. The possibility of living in an apartment never even crossed my mind. I also made the assumption that the majority …

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Living Spain through poetry

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Books (2) by Daniel McElroy1 Comment

As I’ve said plenty of times before on this blog, Spain is a country built on contradiction. Almost nothing is what you would expect—sometimes charmingly so, and sometimes in the most frustrating of ways. And sometimes the unexpected is simply important to observe. Eye-opening even. I displace the air as I walk, a blunt yet thoughtful book of poetry by Marjorie …

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You’ve got a friend in Spain

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Books (2) by Maggie Boreham2 Comments

“I have the most evil memories of Spain, but I have very few bad memories of Spaniards” is perhaps the most powerful quote, in my opinion from George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia. The story, told from the perspective of none other than Orwell himself, recounts his experience as a soldier fighting during the Spanish Civil War. He fought for the …

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It’s Called Fashion, Look it Up.

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Style by Maggie Boreham0 Comments

So I think that New York has spoiled me. Actually, I know that New York has spoiled me. Growing up in the ‘burbs of Dallas, Texas, my exposure included Nike shorts and football season shirts (cowboy hats/boots were reserved for special events… such as prom)—when I came to the big city, it was immediately clear that everything I knew was, …