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Polar Opposites

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Tips by Evan Powell1 Comment

While struggling to adjust to NYU my freshman year, I found myself wishing I had looked at more universities with enclosed campuses. I had many friends at small liberal arts schools befriending other students easily, interacting with faculty on the daily, and feeling a strong sense of shared community. That was not at all the experience I had, and it …

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Peace Out London

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Farewells by Sally1 Comment

I haven’t been very personal in any of my previous posts. I guess because this is still an academic space, I didn’t feel that comfortable sharing. But because this is my last post – why the hell not. Before coming to London, I was at a weird place in my life. I’d gotten into a pretty devastating car accident in …

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“I try to say goodbye and I choke…” – Macey Gray

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Farewells by Jess Littman1 Comment

The last day of this semester seems to be hovering around my consciousness. Everything I do is directly related to how much time I have left: studying for finals, planning my winter break trip, trying to see more of London. It’s all happening way too fast. I’m so excited to travel over the break, but I oscillate between looking forward …

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Tips for Studying Abroad in London

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Tips by Sally4 Comments

TIPS FOR STUDYING IN LONDON 1) CLASSES AREN’T SO EASY Academics are pretty rigorous in London, especially if you’re taking economics or politics courses. I hear the creative writing class also has an incredibly heavy workload. Be sure to stay on top of your assignments and readings or else you’ll be struggling during finals week (me, currently). Traveling is great, …

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The Lovely Jess

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by Evan Powell1 Comment

I had always wanted to study abroad via an exchange program of sorts. To immerse myself in the student body and culture of a university within the United Kingdom has always been a strong desire of mine. I was very eager to befriend Brits and experience British culture first-hand, after many years of being an anglophile—with a particular interest in …

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“A great epiphany: I found out that I’m totally confused and I’m good with that.” – Ronnie Dunn

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Epiphanies by Jess Littman1 Comment

My biggest epiphany about London occurred in Rome. I was there to meet my mom, but she was arriving a day after me, so I went out for some independent exploring on my first evening. I stepped out of my Airbnb, walked to the corner, and did what I’ve been doing since preschool: I looked both ways down the street. …

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“To be a stranger is naturally a very positive relation.” – Georg Simmel

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Comforts by Jess Littman2 Comments

While the Global Network University provides amazing resources to those of us abroad, the extensive NYU infrastructure here in London makes it rather difficult to meet non-NYU students. We go to class together, live together, take trips around the countryside together, and rarely interact with real live Londoners. I’ve made one good friend among the 12 million residents of this …

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A Place’s Outfit

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Genius loci by Sally1 Comment

Considering my travels so far, I think the peoples of a place give a place character and more specifically, their way of dress (I would say architecture comes right behind fashion as a determinate of a place’s “spirit”). Maybe its because my parents are in the fashion industry, or because I’ve always viewed clothes as a mode of expression, but …

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Slightly Sulfuric

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Genius loci by Evan Powell1 Comment

If “the first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it” (Rudyard Kipling), then Iceland takes the cake, because as soon as you step off the plane in Keflavík, the island’s slightly sulfuric smell is impossible to miss. That is, unless you are unable to smell (I don’t mean to be ableist). While certain areas are more potent …