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Art is the City

In London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Art by Michael Frazier2 Comments

In London, art is everywhere I look. From the Russell Square Hotel, to the Tate Modern, to the canal on my way to St. Andrews (a primary school I volunteer at). What makes London so unique is the hodgepodge of aesthetic and historical elements that define the city. London is also home to many different art forms (like literary)–especially the …

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Of ardor and architecture (and chocolate)

In Walking, London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Kerry Candeloro1 Comment

My roommate and I decided that there was only one truly proper way to celebrate the grand festive occasion we affectionately dubbed “Singles Awareness Day”: get chocolate and cupcakes.  That’s right, this year, February 14th became a Treat Yo Self day and we spent the entire afternoon trekking around London to find some of our favorite foods. The building where we …

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Same Language, Different Meaning

In Communicating, London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Michael Frazier2 Comments

“On the exotic” was such a great read. I resonate with Flaubert’s misplaced identity (I believe I have ancestors in Japan—or maybe Korea). I also resonated with his disdain for the overly orderliness of Europe. While British mannerism can be cold, passive, and uptight at times, I do see a conglomeration of identities in London. Even by looking at the …

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New City, New Eyes

In Arrivals, London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Michael Frazier4 Comments

Hello all! I bring cheers from cold London. I will start with a brief introduction of myself. My name is Michael, and am currently a student in Gallatin (just finished Liberal Studies). I’m studying, what I will call, Story Development and Analysis. Essentially I’m studying the crossroads of literature, journalism, and creative writing (basically a multidisciplinary creative writing major). I …

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Fear Itself

In Arrivals, London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Kerry Candeloro1 Comment

Greetings fellow travelers! My name is Kerry Candeloro and I am a Philadelphia native and a junior in Gallatin starting my study abroad program in London in a few days.  I am concentrating in (as of this week) what I am referring to as “Vocal Transformations”, which is a look at both synchronic and diachronic changes in the human voice.  …

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J.M.W. Turner – Painting Set Free

In London, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Art by Evan PowellLeave a Comment

I recently visited the “Late Turner – Painting Set Free” exhibition at the Tate Britain. For those unfamiliar with the London museum scene, the Tate Britain—part of the Tate network of galleries which includes the world renown Tate Modern—is dedicated to the display of historical and contemporary British art. Perhaps of most interest, the Tate Britain houses a substantial collection …