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Tips on Tips on Tips

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 14. Tips, Buenos Aires by Matthew G

The reality is, NYU Buenos Aires is incredibly insular.  While it is so incredibly convenient that NYU carefully drops us into one of our many abroad sites–where we pay the same price, take classes that transfer back to our home campus, and have access to the same resources–it comes with some drawbacks.  The first, you are constantly surrounded by other …

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Roughing It

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 11. Travails, Buenos Aires by Alexandra G

Warning: long and strange post. “It was rough” pretty much became the immediate response to questions about our fall break trip to Bolivia. From the very get-go, the booking of our 10 day long adventure was far more different from the way that I have normally organized weekend getaways or vacations. We booked our round trip flights from Buenos Aires …

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Understanding Argentina

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 10. Books (2), Buenos Aires by Alexandra G

Although Nicolas Shumway’s The Invention of Argentina does not explain what it is like to travel through Argentina or even really give a representation of the country, it most definitely can help contribute to the understanding of this very strange but vibrant country. Throughout my travels, I’ve run into many other foreign travelers who don’t really know anything about the …

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Borges for “Los eruditos”

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 10. Books (2), Buenos Aires by Matthew G

The United States, despite prolifically producing literature, films, music, and culture for not only our own consumption, but that of the entire world, lacks a single defining work or author that represents the depth of the American experience.  In short, there is no “Great American Novel.”  And for that matter, you would be hard pressed to pick a single artist …

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The Diverse Roots of Tango

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 10. Books (2), Buenos Aires by Vanessa

In the book, ¡Tango! The Dance, the Song, the Story,  the following questions are posed about something that is considered without  a doubt to be quintessentially Argentine, tango. The book contains four distinct stories about the genealogy of tango and while each story or essay is unique they all share a similar skepticism; whether we should focus on the essential  and …