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Eating Argentina with a Culinary Legend

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Food fascinates me because it is a common denominator amongst all people; everyone must eat to sustain life. Then, history of food is history of daily lives, and reading cookbooks are an anthropological study into how cultures have evolved over time. Aside from useful recipes and hunger-inducing photographs, cookbooks’ ability to pass down information and wisdom to following generations entices …

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Stroll Through a Summer Afternoon

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I love to wander. I love getting lost in a foreign city where street signs are incomprehensible and buildings are unfamiliar. I love gliding through a crowd of strangers whose faces I don’t recognize. Imagine all the possibilities. Perhaps I will find a new favorite café. Perhaps a mind-blowing lunch or a new best friend. Who knows. The inherent uncertainty …

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Paul Auster in Buenos Aires

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by Jessica Sequeira: A taxi races down the avenue. It pulls up in front of Malba, the Museum of Latin American art; a girl jumps out. She’s in a hurry, though she maintains her cool. She’s wearing black, which she’s thought through; this is surely the elegant option, though it also makes her anxious she won’t be noticed. In her hand is …