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In Berlin, Walking, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Meredith1 Comment

As I settle into Berlin, and explore this new status of being an outsider and role that comes along with playing the part, I feel most confident and most comfortable walking the city streets alone. It allows me to truly develop my relationship with this new city. With others I find myself absorbed into the conversation, and on less than …

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Many Found Ways

In Berlin, Wayfinding, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Meredith1 Comment

“Wayfinding”- hands down the hardest obstacle for when encountering a new place for me. The idea of navigating foreign land always seems to come as the most cripplingly overwhelming aspect of traveling. It’s funny because at home in Chicago I have always known every location of everything- even before I started driving I knew the routes of how to get …

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A New Home

In Berlin, Arrivals, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Meredith3 Comments

Hello. My name is Meredith and I am a sophomore at Gallatin. A major reason why I chose to study abroad this semester was the quest that travel makes tangible. The quest to find myself, and eventually, the self that I form with the upcoming life experiences will be better able to form a concentration that caters to the person …

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In Berlin, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Farewells by Jesse Wheaton1 Comment

I’m not leaving. It’s an odd thing watching everyone else go. Packing, planning to share cabs, rushing to fit in all the fun they can in the final days. I feel like my time in Berlin can just now begin. I’m out of the restraints of NYU’s grasp, the dorm requirements, the heavy course load. To be clear I chose …

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How to Berlin

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Fall 2014, Tips by Lila Faria2 Comments

When I first arrived at NYU Berlin, I got swept up in the “college” atmosphere. I was suddenly surrounded by a limited number of students, who all focused on doing a limited number of things. During my first few months in Germany, I spent a lot of time tagging along with these students, in an attempt to be social. I …