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Lost in Gray Space

In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Berlin by Havana Liu1 Comment

Berlin is filled with suggestions. You cannot conjure up exactly what Berlin looks like in your mind because it is a city filled with references. You cannot look at the visual landscape of Berlin and have it resonate like Park Güell and the Gaudi architecture of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, or the soaked “street” view of Venice. However, when staring …

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The Cranes Above

In The Art of Travel, 1: Awakenings, Berlin by Arjun1 Comment

The first things I saw as I exited the cab at the dorm were the cranes, looming over the night horizon. Three stood at various points within the neighboring construction yard, monstrous right angles hovering over their progress, cables dangling down. I came to realize in the following days that this was a frequent sight in Berlin –our tour guide …

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The Itch, The Hunger, The Urge: Pondering Wanderlust.

In The Art of Travel, 1: Awakenings, Berlin by Havana Liu1 Comment

Growing up in a travel-hungry family I have often wondered why the itch, the yearning, the need for travel is so strong, and what it is that drives the hunger. One might think that stability, love, and the comfort of home might be fulfilling enough for the average person. However, wanderlust seemingly perseveres. Pico Iyer brings up many answers to this …

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In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 14. Tips, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski2 Comments

Come to Berlin. See what it lacks. Monday morning waiting for the U-bahn; Rush hour. I look around. Despite the start of the workday, the station isn’t crowded. Locals leisurely make their way to the platform. Sneakers. Jeans. Dogs. Flowers. The train arrives right on time. Doors open smoothly. No one pushes or shoves, yet we all manage to get …

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When The Wall Falls

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 10. Books (2), Berlin by Ashley Jankowski1 Comment

Collective guilt can be defined as the blameworthy moral responsibility held at the collective, or group, level. ‘German collective guilt’ is a term used for the emotions that arose after the conclusion of World War 2, as German citizens gained awareness of their engagement, tolerance, or ignorance of the atrocities which took place during the Holocaust. This psychological baggage is …