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Approachable Art

In Accra, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Art by Lydia Cap2 Comments

I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have been to only one art gallery in Ghana. I’d like to say this is because art galleries aren’t popular here, but it’s actually because I haven’t actively searched for art galleries. I’ve never been that into art: I appreciate a pretty painting but I fail to see the excitement in walking …

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No Kissing No Hugging

In Accra, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Rachel2 Comments

In general, when I am in a new city, I try really hard to torpedo myself into it’s authentic back region. As long as I do my research, spend my first few days/weeks making mistakes, seeing what the locals wear and asking them where to go, I think it is relatively easy to find the authenticity of a place. I am not interested in the façade of a city’s touristic image, because, as MacCannell describes Goffman’s …

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Searching for Home

In Accra, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Rachel1 Comment

I read Black Gold of the Sun by Ekow Eshun. Although he was born in London, Eshun’s parents were raised in Ghana. Eshun had spent his childhood and adolescence troubled by his unexplainable sense of homelessness… He could not understand why he was unable to satisfactorily answer the simple question, “where are you from?” with neither London nor Ghana. Although Eshun had spent some of his …

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The Shadow of the Sun

In Accra, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Lydia Cap2 Comments

Ryszard Kapuściński was a Polish journalist who served as the Polish Press Agency’s first Africa correspondent. The Shadow of the Sun tells the stories of his travels all over Africa; each chapter takes place in a new country, detailing the strange and sometimes dangerous situations he found himself in over the years. The first chapter, which takes place in Ghana …

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Fade to Black

In Accra, Walking, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Rachel1 Comment

I am very used to traveling, so in a way instead of learning how to adjust to a new environment, I’ve been pushing myself to experience as much of Accra alone as possible. And because my program is so small and we all have such different tastes, I’ve had to take my own initiative to find the restaurants and places that …

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The Four H’s

In Accra, Walking, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Lydia CapLeave a Comment

Last Thursday NYU hosted an “Adjusting to Ghana Workshop,” where we were given tips and tricks to help accustom ourselves to Ghanaian life. The most important piece of information I took away from the meeting was how time spent abroad can be divided into “the four H’s”: honeymoon, hostility, humor, and home. If you can’t already tell from my previous …

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Mepa wo kyεw!

In Accra, Communicating, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Rachel1 Comment

I speak english. And a hair of German. Before I came to Ghana, I just figured that everyone spoke great english. Language was the last thing on my mind. Although the official language of Ghana is english, the most widely used language is Twi (pronounced Tree…or maybe Chree…). During orientation, the entire program was placed in two intensive Twi classes. Obviously …

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Ghanaian English

In Accra, Communicating, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Lydia Cap1 Comment

Ghana is, in almost every way, a complete 180 from the United States. Luckily for me there is one similarity: language. Although many people speak native languages (various dialects of Akan: Twi, Ga, etc.), English is spoken in schools, offices, and government facilities; I have yet to encounter someone who does not understand English. I may have to adjust to …

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What is the state of Ghana’s libraries?

In Accra by ProfLeave a Comment

CNN award-winning writer, Kofi Akpabli, has questioned the state and availability of Ghana’s libraries, following the lack of interest in reading among the citizenry. Mr. Akpabli made this assertion and more when novel enthusiasts, Nana Awere Damoah, the media and he converged at Ridge in Accra for a book reading session. According to him, there are virtually few libraries in …