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Becoming A City Slicker

In extra, extra 2 by Dannie GiglevitchLeave a Comment

Coming to New York for the first time is an experience shared by most people in this class. Accidentally taking the train to Brooklyn or not being able to hail a taxi for the first few weeks—or even months—is a collectively shared experience of most NYU students. For me, I never had these experiences. I’m a native New Yorker, not …

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On Navigation and Answers

In extra, extra 2 by Young2 Comments

My father detests GPS navigation systems. Even after the proliferation of navigation systems, he insists on using paper maps–our family’s map of the Bay Area of California remains a mess of tape, highlighter marks, and sun faded ink nearly twelve years after we first bought it from a Triple A store in Gilroy. My sister and I have learned not …