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NYU Students, Activist Groups Rally to Save DACA

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NYU Local: NYU student activists held a demonstration in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on the steps of the Kimmel Center for University Life Tuesday morning. The coalition of activists who organized the event attended by roughly 70 people included NYU Dream Team, NYU Sanctuary and NYU Asian Pacific American Coalition while Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially announced the …

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NY Times: 20 places to travel in your 20s

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New York Times: There’s no better way to change your perception of the world — and maybe yourself — than travel. You’ll experience different cultures, meet new friends and make lifelong memories. But traveling in your 20s poses challenges: You might have financial constraints, limited time off from work and concerns about safety. So think of this selection of 20 …

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Revisiting Agee’s “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” as an Act of Social Change

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Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee is a book perhaps best read aloud. At the least, it’s a book the reader is advised to approach with respect, like being quiet as a thunderstorm approaches. The vivid power of this strange classic made this landmark piece of social documentary one of the most influential books of the twentieth …

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Dorothea Lange and the Making of “Migrant Mother”

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Recently, a community in Nipomo, CA came together to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Dorothea Lange’s now-iconic photograph known as Migrant Mother. In the 1930s, Lange was a photographer working for the Farm Securities Administration (FSA), one of the governmental agencies President Franklin Roosevelt helped to establish in order to address the country’s large-scale unemployment. Lange and her colleagues were charged …

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Top Cities For Students, At Home And Abroad

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The U.S. offers so many great cities, it’s tempting to switch states without considering other countries. But don’t rule out studying abroad just yet! After all, international study is an unforgettable experience, and a great way to show prospective employers you’ve got the communication skills, adaptability and international experience they want. Below is a breakdown of how top US cities compare …

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Nuclear Placelessness?

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Many of the places that we consider to be placeless are placeless because of the types of people that inhabit it or the way it has been changed by humans. However, Chernobyl is one of the unique places that has been affected by human action to the point that it is uninhabitable for humans and has been forced to become …

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Hitchhiking to Lille

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**Last September, I joined a group of students from Sciences Po on a hitchhiking trip from Paris to Lille, a major city in northern France. Hitchhiking is traveling by getting free rides from pass vehicles, on highways, intersections etc.. It is a common way of traveling especially among young people in Europe, to save money and have fun memories. I …

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Rude and Loud

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In a city obsessed with marketing and curating an image, graffiti sticks out as an unique mode of self-expression in New York. The etymology of the word “graffiti” has Italian roots; however, denizens of the city would point to the art form’s proliferation in the subway system or the local government’s reaction to it during the 80’s before they would at …

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El Mercado

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At dawn it is silent, but only for a short time. Everything is still except for the smoke that seeps out from behind a wall of red meats and yellow flowers. Light peers in from a crack in a plank of wood. They meet and the smoke lingers in the bright air and then disappears. It is forgotten. An old …

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Becoming A City Slicker

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Coming to New York for the first time is an experience shared by most people in this class. Accidentally taking the train to Brooklyn or not being able to hail a taxi for the first few weeks—or even months—is a collectively shared experience of most NYU students. For me, I never had these experiences. I’m a native New Yorker, not …

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On Navigation and Answers

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My father detests GPS navigation systems. Even after the proliferation of navigation systems, he insists on using paper maps–our family’s map of the Bay Area of California remains a mess of tape, highlighter marks, and sun faded ink nearly twelve years after we first bought it from a Triple A store in Gilroy. My sister and I have learned not …