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A Dated Constitution

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Sydney by AnnabelLeave a Comment

We’re in the midst of one of the most divisive point in our history back in the US, and because of how much Americentrism exists in the everyday media I’m exposed to at home, I haven’t been as aware of the political situations abroad as I’d like to be. I feel like I’ve arrived in Australia during a particularly politically-charged …

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When coal burns

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Sydney by Sasha2 Comments

North of the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland lies the site of Adani, a proposed coal mine. A $16.5 billion investment, the mine would produce 60 million tonnes of coal per year and rank as one of the largest coal mines in the world. Adani Group, the entity putting the project in motion, claims that the mine will be economically …

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A Look Beneath The Surface

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Sydney by Eliana1 Comment

Before my semester in Sydney, I had an idealized version of Australia in my head; it seemed like an eco-friendly country full of beautiful nature and wildlife and much less corruption than the United States. Over the past month, however, through my classes and field trips, I’ve come to understand that there are many significant issues here as well, even …

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For the People or for Personal Gain?

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Buenos Aires, Places by CY1 Comment

On Wednesday in Buenos Aires Argentina truckers blocked many streets in Buenos Aires as a protest to current president Mauricio Macri’s market-friendly economic policies. Last October, Argentina has its midterm elections where Macri’s political party won. With that momentum, he had outlined his plans for structural reforms in Argentina. Macri is a president very much in a the neoliberal mould, …

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In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Shanghai by William Denning1 Comment

With the technology in Shanghai everything is simply easier. Leaving the house becomes irrelevant with the popularization of super apps, such as WeChat. WeChat has everything you could possibly need in terms of life in China. It streamlines all of the processes which can be streamlined. Payment, food delivery, even dating. Using it makes me weary of returning to the …

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Sydney by Brennan1 Comment

Refugees landing on Australian soil only to be thrown in offshore detention centers. Heads of state promoting their mistresses to highly paid positions behind the public eye. An indigenous history, forgotten. Australian politics claim to be moderate, democratic, and most remarkably, “better than America.” However, within the first few days of arriving on Australian land, I realized that there are …

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4,600 Miles Away

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Paris by Zoe1 Comment

Let me preface this post by saying gun control in the United States is an immensely difficult and tragic topic to discuss. I apologize if anything in this post is triggering or frustrating to anyone – I’m attempting to share my feelings about this extremely polarising topic while being 4,600 miles away from the US. Last Wednesday, on February 14th, …

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Silvio Berlusconi: “Rockstar of the Year”

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Florence by Marirose Aleardi1 Comment

This was a great prompt to read as I sit on campus right after my second session of Italian Politics. Coming into the semester, I knew virtually nothing about how the Italian political system worked – let alone how it has transformed over the past hundred years. Furthermore, Italy is currently in the midst of their general election, sparking protests …

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A Racial Divide

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Florence by AnnieLeave a Comment

A friend of mine told me a story the other day that made my stomach churn. A black student studying in Florence this semester had been harassed by individuals on the street while walking to class during the first week. It had happened repeatedly and when she had reported it to NYU, both her and the school decided that it …

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#ItalyToo?: The Complex Identity Politics of Contemporary Italy, Explained by an Outsider

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Florence by Tia1 Comment

TW: Harassment, cat-calling, victim shaming “First they put out, then they whine and pretend to regret it.”  This is an October 2017 headline from Italian newspaper Libero in response to the initial wave of allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, allegations that rocked the Western media and led to the downfall of dozens of men in entertainment, journalism, and politics.  But not …