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Coming to NYU Tel Aviv?

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Tel Aviv by Momachi0 Comments

For those coming to NYU Tel Aviv, here are some of personal takeaways on the program here as well as some tips to prepare for life in Israel. Trips The NYU Tel Aviv faculty does an incredible job planning trips for students to sites in Tel Aviv, across Israel and even outside of Israel. Namely, each class has planned at …

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Oui à Paris

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Paris by Anna L1 Comment

Everyone is going to say, yes I recommend ___insert study abroad site here____! And of course I’m going to be hopping on this train as well, but there are some things that I would say before you book your flight. Let’s start off with the fact that Paris is a dream. As the semester nears the end, this city has …

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Don’t Worry

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Florence by Alexandra L0 Comments

As my time in Florence has come to a close, I have picked up a few tips along the way that will hopefully be of help to future students. First of all, something I’ve noticed throughout this whole semester is how polarizing the site is in general. One of my roommates affirms her hatred of Florence and longing to be …

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A Czech List

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Places, Prague by Abie0 Comments

First, I apologize for the pun but I only have a few weeks left to use it so cut me some slack. I’d highly recommend Prague to anyone looking fro a study abroad site. The city is beautiful and has so much to offer. The central location is ideal for traveling around Europe. There is a great nightlife and a …

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Deutschland is the best land

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Berlin by Nathalie Kozak0 Comments

I would recommend Berlin to anyone. Literally, no matter what kind of person you are, I think you could benefit from coming to Berlin. Personally, after being here for just one week, I felt that a huge pressure lifted off my shoulders. Funny thing is, I didn’t really know there was any pressure until I didn’t feel it anymore. Ever …

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Every Moment Counts

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Florence, Places by Anjali2 Comments

Studying abroad in Florence has definitely been one of the best periods of my life. I experience preemptive nostalgia every day when I remember that I will be moving out of my apartment and saying arrivederci to the city that I have learned to call my home, through all the ups and downs, for the past few months. And even …

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In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Florence by Bhavani Pitti0 Comments

Study abroad is an experience that is unparalleled by any other college experience. One is plucked out of one’s familiar environment and let loose in a different country, often with a different and unfamiliar language and culture. Studying abroad might thus seem daunting and scary to many a wide-eyed undergrad. Prior to arriving in Florence, I had expectations and fantasies …

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The 411!!!

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Berlin by Veda Kamra0 Comments

I have been recommending this study abroad site since my first week here. I honestly did not know very much about Berlin before I came here, however that was what I wanted out of my study abroad experience. I wanted to go somewhere where I would have to learn everything first-hand, rather than testing the validity of a city’s reputation. …

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Prossima Fermata: La Pietra

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Florence by Jordyn Jay1 Comment

Hop on board the 25 bus and let me take you on a ride through Jordyn’s Guide to NYU Florence. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, and just like the 25 bus, there’s a good chance this post might be late. I’m gonna be 100% real with you. Unless Renaissance art gets you all hot and bothered or you’re really …

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The 5Ws of NYU Prague

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Prague by Mimi1 Comment

So this is it. You’re looking at the glossy purple brochures for each NYU Study Away site, trying to decide where you want to spend the next four months of your life. You’ve spoken to upperclassmen, searched NYU Local and obsessively stalked your friends’ Instagram feeds. Each site definitely has its pros and cons, but in the end they all …

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Tips for Temporary Sydneysiders

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Sydney by Brianna1 Comment

So if you’re looking to study in Sydney next semester here’s a couple dos and don’ts. Do take Dr. Anna Westbrook’s Creative Writing class. It will be a calm and relaxing experience that by the end of the semester will have even the most cynical writer believing that they deserve to be published. Anna is an amazing professor and a …