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The Room of a Stranger

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Paris by Zoya1 Comment

This room is a mess. Not an uncommon sight to see with a job like mine, which is to clean the hotel’s rooms by simply cleaning floors and replacing the towels and linens. Sometimes, residents will forget which day I come and forget to tidy up enough floor space to allow me to clean it. Either they’ve forgotten or they’re …

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A Girl in a Gallery

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Florence by Alexandra L0 Comments

Another influx of tourists gather around the Botticelli, snapping photos with DSLRs and iPhones, before promptly moving on to the next room. The waves of people are constant on a busy afternoon like today, although not as bad as in the summer time. I hover near the wall on the opposite side of the room of famed pieces like the …

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A typical day

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Buenos Aires by Alexandra G0 Comments

Her alarm has been going off every fifteen minutes for the past two hours, how does she not hear it? How is she not awake? How can someone be so tired? It’s eleven o’clock and she shuffles into the bathroom with her eyes half open as if it were five AM. She’s lived with me for almost seven months now …

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A Creature of Habit

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Abu Dhabi by Raven1 Comment

The girl with the dark crazy curls comes bouncing into the Library Café where I work. I say bouncing in quite a literal sense, as she always seems a little too excited for someone who hasn’t had her coffee yet. Her energy is verging on a safety hazard in this tiny café lined with tea pots and fragile vases. On …

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So Many Cameras?

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Paris by Anna L1 Comment

This girl just rushed passed me and stopped a few feet afterward, pulling out her camera and pointing it in a bunch of different directions. She’s wearing this thin white shirt and athletic shorts that have dirt all over the back. Her sneakers are white like they used to be. A pair of sunglasses teeter on the top of her …

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Having a Moment

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Prague by Mimi1 Comment

I hear a tinny jingle and look up from my counter to see a girl coming through the door. I’ve seen her before – brown and bespectacled, usually toting an enormous red and black backpack that she is constantly apologizing for after she inevitably sideswipes someone with it. I watch her grand entrance with amusement. Her eyes always look around …

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Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Florence by Jordyn Jay1 Comment

I don’t know much about her, but it’s not every day that a black trans woman walks into your restaurant in Florence, Italy. She’s about 6 feet tall with lots of piercings and hair that goes down to her butt. She is definitely American. The first time she came here, she knew no Italian. Didn’t even know what Buena sera …

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Who Is She?

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Tel Aviv by Momachi2 Comments

If I could describe her in one word, I would say: contradictory. She is bubbling with enthusiasm for new initiatives and entrepreneurial ventures, but also filled with a frustration that drives her away and towards, as necessary. Sometimes, she challenges the status quo, and asserts her perspective as she finds necessary. Other times, she takes a back seat as she …

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A New Closeness

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Florence by Anjali0 Comments

First off, let me commence by saying that I had to do a lot of thinking to come up with an idea for this blog post. I admit that I have never written about myself in the third perspective — it feels strange, almost unnatural, and is definitely a challenge! I had met Anjali before, but we were never that …

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What’s so funny?

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Berlin by Veda Kamra1 Comment

Veda is a quirky person. She is willing to do go forth and be adventurous, especially under direction, but she likes to do her own thing. Every now and then she has a more quiet day, however in general, she is happy to participate. Admittedly, her German is rather crude in its pronunciation, however she continues speaking with pauses rather than giving …

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In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Berlin by Nathalie Kozak2 Comments

Why does she move the way she does? What is under all those baggy clothes, and why does it all look like boy’s sweaters? I wonder what lies underneath. I didn’t even know people from Chile could be so blonde and pale, let alone be called Nathalie Kozak. That’s not a Latin name, that’s some Russian kinda shit. I don’t …

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The Opposition

In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Washington DC by Daniela1 Comment

My name is Izzie Ramirez, aspiring journalist although I am not sure of what, not yet. There are so many options to choose from and the prospects excite me more than lure me to just one: breaking news, food, protest, unrest. I am a first year student but I am well ahead of my peers, as I am currently a …

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In The Art of Travel, 13. Third person, Florence by Bhavani Pitti0 Comments

I made a new friend this semester. We had never met prior to coming to NYU Florence but we got to know each other through being suitemates in our off-campus apartment, spending time with each other in the cafe on campus and sitting next to each other in Italian class. I remember when the first day of our semester abroad, …