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Learning about Living

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague, Tips by Phoebe WalshLeave a Comment

Tips on studying abroad: Pack smart. Bring clothes and shoes that you will actually wear and limit yourself. You’re going to buy things there. Carrying around three large suitcases is difficult and you look pretentious. Spend time with your suitemates. Ask to sit on their beds. Talk about how surprisingly good the bread on this pre-made store-bought sandwich is. Bond. Don’t be …

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In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Tips by Kayla OlivasLeave a Comment

Rather than give tips for studying abroad in Shanghai, I decided to just give tips for studying abroad in general. Here are my 5 tips: 1) Go the unconventional route. Studying abroad is supposed to be an experience. Don’t decide to study away in London because you’re too lazy or too intimidated by the fact that you’ll have to learn …

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Tips for Florence

In Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Tips by Sammie3 Comments

Since this was my second time studying abroad, I felt much more prepared going into this semester. Studying away can seem daunting, but I really believe everyone should take advantage of it. Florence is a beautiful city, and I would highly recommend it. Here are some of my tips for studying abroad and living in Florence: Come in with an …

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Balancing Act

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Tips by Matthew G1 Comment

So you’re planning to come to Shanghai?  Congratulations!  I know you made the right choice.  When we attend a university referred to as the “global university” you have almost too many options to choose from when deciding where you will study away.  Unfortunately, I feel like NYU Shanghai is often overlooked, which is a shame since it offers unique opportunities …

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Tips & Tricks

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Sydney, Tips by Christine FLeave a Comment

Sydney. A simple city in a complicated world, yet still complex enough that I don’t know where to start. I guess the best place to begin would be the flight. No matter where you’re coming from I can suggest that you fly in via Qantas air or Virgin Australia. Both are local airlines that know what they’re doing, and know …

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Tips and Tricks for Berlin

In Berlin, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Places, Tips by Charlotte1 Comment

For anyone thinking of moving to Berlin, my sincerest advice would be: don’t move here in January. This is coming from someone who moved here in January. The shutters on every window are closed; those 9-foot-tall double-doors signature of Berlin apartment style, the ones that lead to beautiful and enchanting courtyards, are definitely; the streets are cold and grey and …

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Temporary Space

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague, Tips by Joshua1 Comment

I presently occupy a temporary space and I intend to make good of it. It is a café I walk past everyday on my route to school. It sits on Wenceslas Square, the main thoroughfare of the city. The café belongs to a coffee chain, of the likes I have given my utmost to avoid, given that I am living …