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Too Many Spirits

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Spirit of place by Daniella1 Comment

Out of all of my post so far this, has been the hardest to write. I have spent over a week and a half trying to successfully capture, compress, dilute, contain and then finally dispense to you, in an eloquent literary form, the essence of China. The truth is, despite days of musing over this long period of time, I still …

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L’esprit de Paris

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Spirit of place, Paris by Shireen KhandelwalLeave a Comment

The history of a place is directly related to the sense of belonging for me. My elders had always ingrained the significance of history in the social constructions of reality and its contribution to forming the foundation of culture in my mind. Walking around in Paris is a constant interaction with its history. Observing the ancient architecture while walking around …

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The Father, the Son, and the Not So Holy Spirit

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Spirit of place, Prague by Emily1 Comment

Literal spirituality is not an important factor in the everyday lives of Czechs in Prague despite grand churches, castles, and temples littering the landscape of Prague. A significant number of Czechs are very agnostic or atheist, particularly in Prague. Yet this lack of literal holy spirit and belief in a greater power does not entail a lack of spirit overall. …

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Thoughts on Interdependence & The Chinese Worldview

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Spirit of place, Shanghai by Brian GrecoLeave a Comment

‘Spirit of place’ is very present for me here as the adventure continues in Shanghai. Beyond logistical differences, like language or currency or transport, I can sense profound underlying differences in worldview here in China that make for some very fascinating experiences with my environment. In this article, I wanted to share some updates and thoughts on these interactions and how they …

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Who is Sydney?

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Spirit of place, Sydney by Christine F2 Comments

“I scanned the view. I was not looking for anything in particular — not for predators, holiday homes, or memories. My motive was simple and hedonistic: I was looking for Beauty.” (On Eye-Opening Art, de Botton) I chose to start with this quote because I don’t think anything could fit Sydney more appropriately. I say this because this city, and …