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The Polar Express

In Observing, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague by AngelLeave a Comment

Whoosh whoosh You hear the rumble of the train as it travels over miles and miles, with the occasional disruption by another train as it speeds past in the opposite direction. The sound of ski pants rubbing against each other as passengers walk past to get to their seats. There’s friendly chattering and hearty laughter by the group sitting at …

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Saluti a Carnevale!

In Florence, Observing, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Katie Cooper1 Comment

**This post is dedicated to the unreliability of European wifi and the realization that this piece never actually posted last week… Describing this week as a whirlwind would be an understatement. My entire residency building has been infected with bed bugs and my week has consisted of nothing but running back and forth between my old and new residence, completing …

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In Florence, Observing, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Grace1 Comment

One of my favorite past times is people watching. Any and all free time in Manhattan is spent in Union Square, people watching and dog watching. So once settled in Italy, I started wandering around my new neighborhood. Very quickly I was enamored with this new world.  My New York neighborhood consists of students and young families, and in this …

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In Observing, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Sydney by Christine F1 Comment

After spending enough time in major cities, one thing becomes apparent: the train is the heart of the city. Without trains, building major cities would not have been possible, and without trains, getting around major cities would be next to impossible. Yes, there are buses, cars, or even a nice walk, but nothing with the efficiency and speed of a …

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Light Show

In Berlin, Observing, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Charlotte2 Comments

This past weekend, I sat and observed in a place whose sole purpose is being sat in and observed: a light show in east Kreuzberg. I biked there in the dark with some friends; the place was a very big grey building with high ceilings and stucco walls. Up a tall staircase, through a crowd of drinkers and dancers, was …

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Six Degrees of Separation

In Observing, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague by Joshua1 Comment

Affogato- coffee with ice cream and whipped cream: seventy-eight divided by twenty-four. It occurred to me that every purchase I’ve made abroad has essentially been a self-imposed mental math exercise. I was irritated and restless. If not for the recommendation from a friend and sheer beauty of my surroundings, I could not have tolerated another second in this smoking café. …