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another piece about coffee

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Routine, Prague by Phoebe Walsh1 Comment

I have always been a creature of habit with a routine for every part of my day. My days in New York had coffee routines, meal routines, last-minute-homework routines, and leave-for-work routines, to name a few. Coffee routines were the most important; Mondays and Wednesdays were four-shot Americanos before my 9:30 class, another round before my 3:30 class, and maybe …

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La vie quotidienne

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Paris, Routine by Shireen Khandelwal1 Comment

Extensive planning, mental bullet points and a series of alarms (exactly five minutes apart) are inevitable parts of my nightly ritual, moments before I drift off to sleep. The mornings, however, are more often than not, far from my strategic plans of taking a shower, cooking and eating breakfast, getting some last minute work done (there is always last-minute work) …

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An Ordinary Day

In Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Routine by Sammie1 Comment

I wake up every morning around 9 am, which is a much later start to my day compared to other semesters and I love it! I’ve been trying to work out a little as soon as I wake up. I’ve been eating so much pasta and gelato here that I’m struggling to force myself back into a healthy routine. Breakfast …

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In Routine, Shanghai by Matthew G1 Comment

I am a big fan of the snooze button.  When living alone, with no one to complain about hearing the alarm go off again, and again, and again, snoozing the alarm is my favorite past time.  I keep snoozing until I reach the point where if I do not wake up, I will not make it to school.  Sometimes I …

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Making Friends with Routine in China

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Routine, Shanghai by Brian Greco4 Comments

I have an interesting relationship with routine. A part of me loves the day-to-day puttering of home life and the comforts of establishing a life somewhere. Another part of me resents what within routine often occurs to me as stagnant and energy-draining, when I find myself doing the same things over and over and not being engaged in passionate pursuits and …