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À bientôt.

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Paris, Going home by Olivia Hoffman1 Comment

As I sit here in Place des Vosges, I look around and dread more and more writing this final blog. Somehow in 600 words I need to wrap up my final sentiments, my final thoughts, my final reflections on these unbelievable last four months… It’s strange to think about going home, however, home is an interesting concept for me. In …

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The End

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Sydney, Going home by SydneyLeave a Comment

I honestly do not want this experience to come to an end.  My friends and I have spoken about it with each other, and we all would be so satisfied if we could stay here an extra month and enjoy Australia thoroughly without the worry of school work getting in the way of our desire to explore more.  Unfortunately, the …

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Ready to Go

In Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Going home by Sammie2 Comments

This has been an amazing semester, but I can’t wait to go home! When I studied abroad last year, I felt very differently. I wasn’t ready for my traveling adventures to end and I didn’t want to leave London. I cried when my plane took off and found it difficult to adjust back to my home life and then living …

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(Not) Going Home

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Going home by Matthew G1 Comment

For most students currently studying away around the world, we are reaching the end of our time abroad and are looking towards the challenge of returning and reintegrating with our lives at home.  I, however, am not heading home anytime soon.  Thanks to the Gallatin China Fellowship and a job offer from NYUSH’s Residential Life office, I have extended my …