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In Buenos Aires, Language, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Marsha2 Comments

After travelling around South America last semester, I have come to accept it as an undeniable fact that I speak Argentine Spanish. This means that a word like chicken, which is “pollo”, comes out as po-sho instead of po-yo. Some people hate this accent and some people love it. I used to abhor it. I remember the sense of complete …

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Learning German

In Berlin, Language, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Charlotte1 Comment

German is a very funny language. My German teacher taught us a few words that she thought would we would find bizarre: for example, gloves are literally translated to “hand shoes,” Handschuh. Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz is a word which refers to the laws that govern beef labelling in German supermarkets. Words like these are why German is a surprisingly fun language to …

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Parla Inglese?

In Language, Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Sammie1 Comment

Parla inglese? is the one Italian phrase I have been struggling to avoid. I don’t want to be the rude American who forces everyone to speak English to me. Despite this, my feeble attempts at speaking Italian are usually met with a response in English, as most people can speak English. I can’t help but feel like I am failing …

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Come Se Dice

In Language, Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Katie Cooper1 Comment

Throughout my entire life I have grown up between London and America where we speak English everywhere we go. I did not grow up in a dual-language household where I had the ability to learn a second language from birth – even though American English has many differences from the language spoken and written in England. Yet I was fortunate …

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Non Parlo Italiano

In Language, Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Grace1 Comment

The language barrier: one of the main reasons I wanted to study abroad, especially in a country where the primary language is not English. As Americans I think we sometimes forget that we do not have the only language in the world. Yes, most countries do speak English, but while living in this country I would like to at least …

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Uhhh no, Yeah?

In Language, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague by Emily1 Comment

I am typically a woman of action. I often make decisions too quickly without fully thinking them through, and that is the precise reason why I am here in Prague when every single person I love is a continent away.  Well, actually The Who is on tour in Europe this month so I guess I have some people here I …

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Lost in Translation

In Language, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai by Daniella2 Comments

Hello! I have now been in Shanghai for 12 days and the incapacitatingly intimidating language barrier, which I mentioned in my last post, seems to have no intention of yielding under my (admittedly mediocre) hits. In my eyes there is little more terrifying than a lack of ability to be understood. Back home, the way in which the majority of …

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Party Tricks

In Language, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai by Matthew G2 Comments

I recognize in myself an unfortunate truth. In the past, whenever I interacted with individuals who struggled to communicate in English, I had the subconscious sense that they were lesser. I want to explain that I never treated someone who could not speak English any differently, but I cannot deny that I always doubted how much those people understood. I …