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Walking Through Firenze

In Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Exercises in style by Megan Cutaran2 Comments

Walking Through Firenze Each step is different, although the pathway is the same. Like the streets of New York, the city is ever changing. Cars drive quickly through the narrow streets. Motorbikes vroom through the alleyways leaving a loud residue amongst the neighbors. A city that was once calm, quiet, alone, now swarming with people. Accents of all types fill …

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The Descent

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague, Exercises in style by Angel2 Comments

Warning: Following narratives contain many “Dude’s”, “Yo’s”, unwritten curses, and other slang commonly found in the average male’s vocabulary. Narratives include actual conversations during the course of these events.   PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK – 10:30 AM Alex, Brian, Angel, and friends find a dark cave off the side of the trail. They peer inside, and decide that it would …

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These Walls

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague, Exercises in style by JoshuaLeave a Comment

Theresienstadt Fortress I was named for Emperor Joseph II’s mother, Empress Maria Theresa. Emperor Joseph ordered me into being in 1780, as a fortress in defense of the Prussian forces. My walls are double-layered and separated by a moat in between. The fortress has been designed in the style of a star fort. During World War I, my walls surrounded …