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Learning about Living

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague, Tips by Phoebe Walsh

Tips on studying abroad: Pack smart. Bring clothes and shoes that you will actually wear and limit yourself. You’re going to buy things there. Carrying around three large suitcases is difficult and you look pretentious. Spend time with your suitemates. Ask to sit on their beds. Talk about how surprisingly good the bread on this pre-made store-bought sandwich is. Bond. Don’t be …

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Changed Perspective

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague, Borders by Phoebe Walsh

When I traveled to Italy for spring break, I realized what I had been missing from my experience in Prague. Milan and Florence were my first destinations outside of Central/Eastern Europe and the cultural difference was palpable. From the moment I got off the plane, not knowing any Italian, I was welcomed and assisted by many people in my efforts …

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Second Drawer Down

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Prague, Open by Phoebe Walsh

I’ve always held on to things. I’m not necessarily a hoarder, but I could probably fall into that category in some people’s eyes. In the fifth grade we made “time capsules” with letters to our future selves, collages of things that meant a lot to us at the time, and photos. That summer I moved from Long Island to Kentucky …

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An Amazing Journey

In Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Going home by Grace

This was one of the best experiences of my life. I met some amazing people and have incredible memories to hold on to. One of the most rewarding parts of this program was to see us all adapt to a new and different culture. Personally, my biggest problem I faced was the language barrier. Once I am home I don’t …

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A Tramp Abroad

In Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Books (2) by Grace

I feel I can relate to this novel, A Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain because Twain bases most of his explanations off observation. As we discussed in our blog posts about observation, this is a key tool in understanding a foreign culture. I think I learned the most about Italian culture by watching the everyday lives of the Florentine locals. …

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In Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016, Borders by Megan Cutaran

Italy is the home of a strong culture. There is a certain aura in the air and an essence throughout the cities. They are lively, like the people. They are vivid. Yet there is a feeling of simplicity. Life seems simpler here. People do not seem to have the same cares and worries as they do back in the United …

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Wild Swans

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Books (2) by Kayla Olivas

Wild Swans written by Jung Chang, is a novel that tells the life stories of three generations of women. It touches on many different aspects of their lives ranging from struggles they face while living during the Cultural Revolution to issues within their family. The themes of family and male chauvinism were very prominent throughout the novel and, from what …

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In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Exercises in style by Kayla Olivas

Shanghai, Shang (上), Hai (海). Literally meaning on the sea. On the sea there’s much to see, Especially when you’re a foreigner like me. NYU, School, That’s what I’m here for. In class but thinking of more, Want to run out the door, To see what else Shanghai has in store. Street, In the city, So many places to go. …

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In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Tips by Kayla Olivas

Rather than give tips for studying abroad in Shanghai, I decided to just give tips for studying abroad in general. Here are my 5 tips: 1) Go the unconventional route. Studying abroad is supposed to be an experience. Don’t decide to study away in London because you’re too lazy or too intimidated by the fact that you’ll have to learn …

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Gone But Not Forgotten

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Going home by Daniella

Home time is nearing (not yet upon me) and I cant quite believe it. By the time I leave Asia it will have been 6 months and I can’t quite tell if the time has gone ridiculously slowly or incredibly fast. When first arriving, one of the most substancial reasons for my feelings of isolation was my sense of time (I’m 7/8 …

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In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Mishap by Kayla Olivas

It’s expected that spending an entire semester in a foreign country, learning a foreign language, will bring some mishaps… I just didn’t realize how frequent they would be. Fortunately, I haven’t had a huge mishap but rather I’ve had small mishaps every so often. These mishaps weren’t anything too detrimental, but were simple things. One mishap that keeps happening to …

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In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Shanghai, Quote by Kayla Olivas

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley When I first read this quote, it immediately resonated with me. In my opinion, Shanghai is not a very frequented study away location. Most college students chose to study a semester abroad somewhere in Europe, like Paris, London, Prague, etc. When deciding to study in …