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Many Found Ways

In Berlin, Wayfinding, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Meredith1 Comment

“Wayfinding”- hands down the hardest obstacle for when encountering a new place for me. The idea of navigating foreign land always seems to come as the most cripplingly overwhelming aspect of traveling. It’s funny because at home in Chicago I have always known every location of everything- even before I started driving I knew the routes of how to get …

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Lost in Paradise

In Wayfinding, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Madrid by Susan Lee1 Comment

Although I call Spain a “foreign country”, I think “new” is a better adjective for Spain. As an American, I find that navigating most European countries is relatively easy. There is a system for the city in place that is easy to learn and many times reminiscent of United States cities—either in grid pattern or circular pattern. Not to mention …