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Stroll Through a Summer Afternoon

In Buenos Aires, Walking, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Daniel YeomLeave a Comment

I love to wander. I love getting lost in a foreign city where street signs are incomprehensible and buildings are unfamiliar. I love gliding through a crowd of strangers whose faces I don’t recognize. Imagine all the possibilities. Perhaps I will find a new favorite café. Perhaps a mind-blowing lunch or a new best friend. Who knows. The inherent uncertainty …

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Past to Present

In Walking, Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Eric Duan1 Comment

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to visit and explore much of Poland. A couple friends and myself went to go see Warsaw, Krakow, and Oswiecim from Friday until Sunday night. I saw so much, from Auschwitz-Birkenau to the city center of Krakow to the reconstructed Old Town of Warsaw. The experiences were irrevocable, and I would say …

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In Berlin, Walking, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Meredith1 Comment

As I settle into Berlin, and explore this new status of being an outsider and role that comes along with playing the part, I feel most confident and most comfortable walking the city streets alone. It allows me to truly develop my relationship with this new city. With others I find myself absorbed into the conversation, and on less than …

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Of ardor and architecture (and chocolate)

In Walking, London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Kerry Candeloro1 Comment

My roommate and I decided that there was only one truly proper way to celebrate the grand festive occasion we affectionately dubbed “Singles Awareness Day”: get chocolate and cupcakes.  That’s right, this year, February 14th became a Treat Yo Self day and we spent the entire afternoon trekking around London to find some of our favorite foods. The building where we …