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Eating Argentina with a Culinary Legend

In Buenos Aires, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Daniel YeomLeave a Comment

Food fascinates me because it is a common denominator amongst all people; everyone must eat to sustain life. Then, history of food is history of daily lives, and reading cookbooks are an anthropological study into how cultures have evolved over time. Aside from useful recipes and hunger-inducing photographs, cookbooks’ ability to pass down information and wisdom to following generations entices …

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Just Let Things Be

In Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Kaylyn Kavi1 Comment

In his book The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera seems to tell a surface plot about the main character Tomas and his sexual exploits as he struggles to strike a balance between the different kinds of love that he feels for his wife as opposed to his many mistresses. But underneath these very candid concerns, Kundera remains obsessed with …

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Searching for Home

In Accra, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Rachel1 Comment

I read Black Gold of the Sun by Ekow Eshun. Although he was born in London, Eshun’s parents were raised in Ghana. Eshun had spent his childhood and adolescence troubled by his unexplainable sense of homelessness… He could not understand why he was unable to satisfactorily answer the simple question, “where are you from?” with neither London nor Ghana. Although Eshun had spent some of his …

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How light really is our being?

In Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Name1 Comment

Milan Kundera’s “An Unbearable Lightness of Being” is set mostly in the Czech Republic during the Russian invasion and occupation of the country following the socialist reform attempts of 1968. Throughout my reading of the book, Prague seemed nothing more than a communist-run backdrop for Kundera’s philosophical tale of an intellectual womanizer to take place in. In fact, with a …

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Golden Prague

In Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Katherine CarranzaLeave a Comment

A Romantic Education is Patricia Hampl’s memoir, documenting her experience in the Czech Republic and her adventure exploring her Czech heritage. Hampl takes a three week sojourn in (then) Czechoslovakia to discover her roots and understand where her family truly hails from. During this trip, she also wants to understand how memory and history converge, as well as how the …

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Romanticizing Paris

In Paris, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Misty1 Comment

Ernest Hemingway wrote A Moveable Feast in the 1950s as a memoir reflecting back on his expatriate days in 1920s Paris. The work, published posthumously, offers Hemingway’s opinions on his literary peers, including the likes of Gertrude Stein and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Hemingway also gives insight into daily life for an American living in Paris post-World War I. He paints …

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In Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Eric DuanLeave a Comment

“Prague: A Novel” by Arthur Phillips follows the lives of five American expatriates who are living in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Immediately, I wondered why the setting of this book is in Budapest. Is it not titled “Prague: A Novel”? The irony of this title and the location actually comes back to symbolize the desires of each and every …

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Goodbye to Berlin….the illumination of life

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-1 by Meredith1 Comment

I read Christopher Isherwood’s Goodbye to Berlin, and focused on the dynamics of the different relationships Christopher observes and comments on throughout the book. Isherwood has a frighteningly truthful understanding of individuals, of reading them by observation, and of conveying life and emotion in a unique and simplistic way through his very detailed observations. Isherwood does not just observe his …