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The Myth of the Friendly Aussie

In The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Sydney, Authenticity by Dalanee HesterLeave a Comment

Australians are friendly people. Although there are unfriendly people in Sydney, most have been extremely kind. Waiters, cashiers, cab drivers, even people at the airport, are some of the friendliest I have encountered. They are curious about where you come from and what you are doing in Australia, and they do not mind taking a little break to get to …

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Authenticity: A Dual Meaning

In Paris, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by MistyLeave a Comment

In “Staged Authenticity: Arrangements of Social Space in Tourist Settings,” Dean MacCannell writes, “The motive behind a pilgrimage is similar to that behind a tour: both are quests for authentic experiences. Pilgrims attempted to visit a place where an event of religious importance actually occurred. Tourists present themselves at places of social, historical, and cultural importance” (592). When reading this …

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Stuck in Stage 4

In Florence, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Drew KohlLeave a Comment

Dean MacCannell describes in depth about the differences between what is authentic, what appears to be authentic, and the separation between tourists and locals. He explains the division between front and back, and performance and “backstage” or back region. There is a clear division between what tourists and outsiders see and search for, and what actually exists in the quotidien …

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The Impossible Task of Finding Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Daniel Yeom1 Comment

Authenticity is an intense topic to tackle. In the increasingly globalized and homogenized world we live in, is it even possible to seek out truly authentic experiences? I remember my volunteer trip to Ghana a few years ago, when my friends and I were invited to a traditional dance show. To an intense beat of goatskin drums, dancers with body …

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My Paris

In Paris, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Elizabeth BuckinghamLeave a Comment

In Staged Authenticity, Dean MacCannell states, “touristic consciousness is motivated by its desire for authentic experiences, and the tourist may believe that he is moving in this direction, but often it is very difficult to tell for sure if the experience is authentic in fact” (597). I couldn’t describe my experiences traveling abroad more perfectly. As I explore Paris and …

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No Kissing No Hugging

In Accra, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Rachel2 Comments

In general, when I am in a new city, I try really hard to torpedo myself into it’s authentic back region. As long as I do my research, spend my first few days/weeks making mistakes, seeing what the locals wear and asking them where to go, I think it is relatively easy to find the authenticity of a place. I am not interested in the façade of a city’s touristic image, because, as MacCannell describes Goffman’s …

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“Back” in Spain

In The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Madrid, Authenticity by Susan LeeLeave a Comment

Studying abroad in Europe has its pros and cons. Europe is a fascinating country that’s experiencing a very tumultuous time of economic crisis, international cooperation, and national identity, which presents a rich foundation for research. It’s also a gateway to be able to travel to every other european country, especially those within the Schengen zone. Its biggest, and arguably only, …

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The Dreaded “Tourist”

In Places, Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Katherine CarranzaLeave a Comment

I think the word “tourist” comes with a negative connotation. Many people criticize tourist institutions in their own cities and avoid them. For example, New Yorkers desperately avoid Times Square, put off by the mobs of tourists at every corner and criticizing them for not truly experiencing New York City. But Times Square is only one stop tourists make in …

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In Prague, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Authenticity by Eric Duan1 Comment

After spending my first week in the Czech Republic either cooking for myself, eating pizza, or eating delicious Czech KFC, I began to crave some authentic Czech food. I had heard stories of the delicious goulash and schnitzel, and I immediately knew what I wanted for lunch. A couple friends and I wandered around to the city center, Wenceslas Square, …

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Sacred Extract

In The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Sydney, Authenticity by Avanty Kavi2 Comments

I have to disagree with MacCannell’s proposition that traveling is essentially a modern day parallel to any sort of authentic sacred ceremony from primitive society, however at the same time there is undoubtedly a struggle for an “authentic experience” when traveling. While sometimes when traveling, my goal is to experience the ‘authentic’; the life and people in this foreign place, …