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We Were On a Boat…

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Prague by Alice2 Comments

It’s really hard to believe that this semester has already come to an end. As I walk through Old town Square, Vinohrady, and some other places I’ve frequented throughout the year, it seems surreal to me that this may be the last time I see them. I’ve been around many places, come and gone from city to city, home to …

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Nos Vemos

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Buenos Aires by Kiana1 Comment

In the last few days leading up to a big move, often times we’ll find that we have already emotionally left. Bags are packed, airport transportation arrangements are made, and images of our destinations play like movie trailers in our minds. It’s odd, isn’t it, that in our precious and dwindling time in a place, we are in a rush …

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See you soon, Sydney

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Sydney by Falynn1 Comment

This week, as people begin to pack up their things and head for Sydney Airport, unsure of when they’ll return again, I can’t help but feel quite sad. Suddenly, I’m not ready to return to New York. There’s still so much here for me to do and see. I think the worst part about studying at Sydney is that once …

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“Au revoir”

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Paris by Howard4 Comments

“Au revoir!” This is the phrase for ‘goodbye’ in French. It literally means ‘until I see you again’. At first, I used this phrase to everyone, and they replied the same too, even when we both knew well that we are not going to see each other again. So after a while, I generally stopped using this phrase. I’d rather …

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Goodbye Shanghai!

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Shanghai by Brooke1 Comment

There is much to talk about in terms of reflecting on my experiences in Shanghai, both good and bad. However, this experience has fundamentally shifted my values and outlook on life. I think I had one of the most rewarding experiences just this past weekend. For my final project in my journalism class, I had to create a pictorial essay—basically …

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See you Later, Sydney

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Sydney by Nicolas1 Comment

Personally, I knew from the day I arrived in Sydney, the “success” of my study abroad experience would rely heavily on the circumstances and priorities that I set for myself.  Although there were some absolutely fantastic times in Sydney, I can’t help but admit I likely should have branched out a bit further and tried to travel to see different …

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See You Later

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Florence by Isabel1 Comment

Wow. All I can really say is wow. I’m still finding it hard to grasp the idea that I’m leaving in less than a week. This experience was not what I thought it would be, and at the same time, it was exactly how I thought it would be. Let me explain. When I go into experiences such as this …