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sprng brk

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Mishaps by Hashmita1 Comment

October 11. Spring break, Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema beach. I lounge in the white velvet sand, take in the cool 4PM spring breeze of Rio de Janeiro while sipping on fresh coconut water out of its shell. My friend Roberta, who I was seeing for the first time in four long years, is next to me, but beside her the …

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Entry K27.6

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Mishaps by Harry1 Comment

If you’re one of the dedicated few—of admittedly questionable taste—who have been subscribing to my ramblings over the past two and a half months. you’ll know that I’ve lived a somewhat plagued existence in terms of accidents, mishaps, and all manners of accidents. Thankfully, nothing too serious or debilitating has come my way thus far. Like holy scheisse this one …

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Having Incidents

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Mishaps by Vivian1 Comment

Those who know me well know that I am no stranger to *ahem* fuck-ups, but surprisingly enough, I haven’t had any significant mishaps while travailing this semester. This just goes to show how much I’ve depended on Wi-Fi (it’s embarrassing how much time during my nine trips so far I’ve spent in pursuit of this amenity). Ok, I lied about …

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Misadventures of Waiheke Island

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Places, Sydney, Mishaps by Tamera3 Comments

I cannot think of a specific misadventure I have experienced while in Australia; however, there definitely were a couple during my fall break trip to New Zealand. Because of differences in scheduling, availability, and also interests, I had to travel to New Zealand alone. I mainly stayed in Auckland, in the north island, for my entire stay. Unfortunately, I wasn’t …