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In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Tel Aviv, Goodbye by NathanLeave a Comment

I’m writing this in the kitchen while my chicken stock is warming up–some of my last food to finish. I am waiting for a friend to come over so we can cook the other food I still have/was donated to me by my friends who are now heading home. It’s very weird feeling here–it feels very clean and empty. I …

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I’ll Send You a Postcard

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Goodbye by Harry1 Comment

Well, here we are, dear friends. At the end of this glorious time we have chosen to call “study” abroad. More like, “don’t have time to study, abroad.” Haha wink wink, nudge nudge, knowwhatimean, knowwhatimean? Yeah, you get it. Ahh, but I would be remiss not to mention the heavy heart with which I make that last “neglecting our studies” …

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Goodbye & “Home”

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Sydney, Goodbye by Carmen3 Comments

Ahhhh, one final exhale, one last blog for closure. As the semester comes to an end, I am filled with bittersweet feelings of both longing to be somewhere familiar and sadness to leave a place beginning to belong to that category. Yet “familiar” to me here does not mean comfortable. If anything, I have never been more out of my …

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Only Goodbye

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Goodbye by Zianna1 Comment

I’ve been living by “lasts” for the past few years. When I was 18 I was hit with the harsh reality of leaving home. Graduating high school, receiving my black belt, ending piano lessons. These were all parts of my life I would have to say goodbye to. I began to measure everything by how much left I had of …