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No Digrets

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Describing by Harry1 Comment

Let me just start by saying that not being allowed to ‘digress’ from our descriptions in this post is both cruel and unusual. Punishment, if you will. Have you read my other posts? Digressions are kind of what I do. Acting all removed from the writing is quite tough for me. You might be all like, “But Harry, aren’t you …

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🎼buhhh ba ba bam buh baaa buh ba bamm 🎼

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Describing, Prague by Jake3 Comments

The brooding introduction of main theme is passed from the clarinets to the strings, and then the trumpets, intensifying with each repetition. As the instruments reply to each others calls, the mood begins to calm. A single french horn sounds the secondary theme, its sound resonating through the hall, raising the hairs on my arms. The reverberance fills my chest …

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The Surry Hills Festival

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Describing, Sydney by Anne1 Comment

The spring festival is a once a year event full of music, shopping, crafts, traipse artists, ukuleles, and fancy food. Surry Hills is the Tribeca of Sydney. The area is populated with young, wealthy, organic obsessed families. If you weren’t listing to the accents a New Yorker would fell right at home sounded by familiar hipster-looking, bearded men carrying very …

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Orchestral Observations

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Describing, Prague by Vivian1 Comment

Disclaimer: It’s difficult for me to totally remove myself from a scene to describe it. My inevitable narcissistic qualities make it practically impossible to imagine a world that does not revolve around myself, a fact that did not change when I visited the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Rather than reducing myself to a tiny ant in a swarm of activity, I …

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Rain and Gelato

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Describing, Prague by KaiLeave a Comment

The rain glides down along the sidewalk sliding into pools of mirrors, reflecting the rosy coppers from above. The church bell strikes above the white umbrellas and decaying balconies. A light appears behind a shuttered second floor window and a slim silhouette lingers behind the shadows. As trains rumble above the arched bridge, a standing Italian man argues with two …