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In Daily life, The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague by Zianna1 Comment

One afternoon my advisor asked me to describe my routine via Skype. I was sitting cross-legged in sweatpants in the sunroom of my dorm building, on a Monday afternoon. I looked around at the comfy chairs around me and yoga mat in the corner. “Um,” I said. “It’s pretty relaxed here.” I went on to explain how the workload is …

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Part-time Student, Part-time Useless Bum

In Daily life, The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague by Vivian2 Comments

After extensive research and attending college for one year, I’ve decided I have discovered the formula for a fulfilling university experience. It consists of a balance of three things in order to maintain the sanity: work, play, and self. While this might not be groundbreaking, if I can somehow incorporate all three points of this Golden Triangle, I usually find …

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Secret Diary of the Study Abroad Kid

In Florence, Daily life, The Art of Travel Fall 2016 by CassiLeave a Comment

A typical weekday in Florence. Weekends are completely irrelevant because I am usually somewhere new, so who knows what I’m doing on Friday-Sunday. But Monday through Thursday have gotten pretty regular, so here goes nothing. MONDAY: I usually wake up around 9:30 am, but let’s be honest, nobody actually gets up when they wake up. So, flash forward to about …