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Empowered Tourism

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Shanghai, Travel 2.0 by Sammy SongLeave a Comment

The bygone golden era of one-to-many broadcast media hearkens back to the Huxleyan paranoia that mass –produced and –mediated culture monopolizes the freethinking of the bovine, slack-jawed audience. Besides of course this myth of the uncritical masses impressionable to the whim of any telecast, the dawn of many-to-many online media likewise discredits the overblown paranoia of mass-media brainwashing. Indeed the …

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Gen Y Not?

In Buenos Aires, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Travel 2.0 by Nina1 Comment

Gen Y-ers often face much scrutiny from older generations when it comes to the use of new technology like smartphones, laptops, apps, and various other useful gadgets of the 21st century. There is no exception when it comes to traveling in this modern age, or as this week’s post refers to it, Travel 2.0. But why should we face so …

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Debunking the Influence of Social Media

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Travel 2.0 by Firozah NajmiLeave a Comment

Frankly, I am sick of hearing my parents’ generation blather on about how dependent millennials are upon social media. It’s no secret that young adults trust the travel experiences of their likeminded peers; it just so happens to be that the platform by which this information is exchanged is online. The only generational difference here is the medium of communication, where word-of-mouth reviews …

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A different type of tourism

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Travel 2.0, Sydney by Christina Buru3 Comments

How and where we travel is dependent on a lot of things and can change over time. The technologies that allow us to travel faster, farther and more efficiently also affect the environment. Because of this correlation (not just relating to technology associated with travel) our role as tourists also changes. Ecotourism can’t necessarily be considered a “new” concept (in …

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Authenticity and the internet

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Travel 2.0 by Daniel McElroy1 Comment

Travel is always about discovering. To some extent, everyone who travels anywhere is trying to discover something new—they want a change of scenery or a change of culture or a change of pace. Obviously, however, travel today looks very different from travel fifty years ago and even ten years ago, because our methods and options for discovery change drastically with …

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#Travel #Adventure #LiveLifeToTheFullest

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Travel 2.0 by Akemi Aiello1 Comment

What is most apparent to me is that “travelling” comes with high expectations. Blame it on wanderlust or a desire to experience something new, but lets be real here, we just want to experience something that can be shown off. Supposedly copying is the highest form of flattery however it’s really jealousy and social media has made it worse. I’m …

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A New Age

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Travel 2.0 by Emily Molinelli1 Comment

Through different media outlets, Internet, GPS on the phone, international data plans, online travel agencies and selfie sticks, technology has definitely changed the way we travel today. Instead of meeting in-person with your travel agent, one now goes online, searches for the best ticket deal, purchases the ticket, and books the rest of the trip online. Itineraries and tickets are …