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Just a Small Town Girl…

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Shanghai, Transformed by Miranda BurnhamLeave a Comment

As I walked through the mud between two construction sites on either side of the road, almost getting hit by three motorcyclists, one car, and seven people I realized something: sometimes, I f**king hate Shanghai. Sometimes Shanghai is smelly, sometimes it is too inconvenient, sometimes it is too big and too loud and sometimes I want spaghetti to actually taste …

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Something Something Euro-Normativity

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Shanghai, Transformed by Sammy Song1 Comment

A birthplace can also be a deathsite for those who localize themselves lifelong to the same geographical corner: whereabout most everything meaningful to them still centralizes despite the extremity of their corner towards the outskirts of the globe. Sure enough their hermetic corner soon outlines their entire worldview to the effect of such and such –centrism or –normativity. Among them …

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I am not a Cuttlefish

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid, Transformed by Maggie Boreham2 Comments

  So this semester has definitely been an interesting one. I’ve realized a lot about myself and most importantly, realized that I’m not as adaptable as I had previously believed. I love travel and always have loved experiencing new cultures and meeting new people…. Until now. I’ve realized that I’m not a cuttlefish. I know what you’re thinking, “Maggie, clearly …

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I Came, I Saw, I Didn’t Change

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Transformed by Lindsey Giostra1 Comment

Has my perspective of the world drastically changed? No. Do I feel more “cultured” and understand the world a lot better? No. Have I transformed into a better or different version of myself? No. Studying abroad in Florence, Italy has had its many triumphs and pitfalls. I’ve been overjoyed with excitement and adventure, but I’ve also cried of homesickness and …

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Paris: Expectations VS. Reality

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Transformed by Firozah Najmi1 Comment

When I made the decision to spend a semester in Paris, I imagined myself journaling in cafés and spending late nights along the Seine sharing a bottle of wine with a stable group of friends. I saw myself spending time in picturesque bookshops and traversing bountiful outdoor produce markets on the weekends. In retrospect, I highly romanticized the idea of living …

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Lesson Learned, Onto The Next One

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Transformed by Akemi Aiello2 Comments

Fifteen more days here in Italy. In the midst of slowly starting to declutter, packing, and planning out my first few meals back in America there’s some time to reflect. I know I’ve sounded and been pretty bitter about my experience here in Italy, my whole experience this semester including all the places I’ve gone has been great. But, with that …