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In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Routine, Shanghai by Sammy SongLeave a Comment

According to Foucault the demand for complex institutions to exact control at the personal scale called for enforcement of fixed routine. Hence the introduction of Discipline and Punish compares mid-eighteenth-century public executions to the around-the-clock timetables enforced onto prisoners as soon as the nineteenth century. Whereas the spectacle of public execution engaged the raptness of spectators all convergent upon the …

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Freed by Routine

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Routine, Washington DC by Kennedy HillLeave a Comment

I appreciate the organization that routines bring into my life. Although I try, I have never been the person that can readily agree to last minute plans, or leave situations merely up to chance. For me, a routine establishes balance, something hard to come by naturally when juggling classes, an internship, student government, and extracurriculars. A routine provides me with …

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Regular chaos, or Homestays are the best

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Routine, Madrid by Daniel McElroyLeave a Comment

If living in a homestay means one thing, it’s routine, routine, routine. When you move into a family’s home you’re also moving directly into their lives and their routines, which are likely going to be a bit more consistent than most university students, and which they probably aren’t going to change for your sake. Sometimes this is awesome, and sometimes …

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Free WiFi

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Routine, Madrid by Maggie Boreham1 Comment

It’s easy to romanticize travel. All the stories that I tell my friends or post make life sound much more exciting then it is.  The truth is though, that  I choose to show about 20% of what happens in my daily life. So now, for the first time ever, I will reveal to you my average Madrid Monday: everyone’s favorite …

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The Other NYU

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Routine, Shanghai by Miranda Burnham1 Comment

One of the most difficult transitions in Shanghai so far hasn’t been the language or the people or the places or the food: it’s been the school. As one of the three degree granting campuses within the NYU nexus, NYU Shanghai has it’s own unique characteristics, people, customs… it’s own personality. As some background information, I am a firm believer …

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Paris Fever

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Routine by Firozah Najmi1 Comment

Living in Paris has instilled an insatiable urge in me to create art — to paint, to photograph, to journal — a sort of “Paris fever”, if you will. I am constantly inspired by the details of the Parisian quotidian and led to create as a result. Though admittedly I am rarely satisfied with the end products of my creative self-expression, …

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Tourist Trap: Laundry

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Routine by Serena Wong2 Comments

When trying to figure out how to entertain my sister and brother-in-law who are visiting next month, I suggested the normal tourist destinations: the Duomo, Mercato Centrale, Piazzale Michelangelo, Pisa, and Venice. My brother-in-law quickly replies, “I don’t care if Venice sinks or Pisa falls or the Coliseum crumbles. They’re just manmade things that I can see in a high …